You Have to Believe in Yourself!!

When it comes to the pursuit of an accomplishment, knowing that you have what it takes to get to your goal is essential.  If you don’t have this belief, and I mean deeply rooted belief that you will succeed, you will find the obstacles that present themselves to you to be an insurmountable barrier.

I remember during my younger days that I was faced with this predicament when I was thinking about applying for a promotion.  Inner demons plagued me with doubt and insecurities about myself.  I was giving myself too many reasons as to what could happen that would jeopardize my success.  The power that these self-doubts played upon my actions was astounding!  The thoughts that generated in my mind were governing my physical actions!  I also remember thinking to the effect that I was not deserving of a promotion and that there was no point in it.  As a result, the image that I presented of myself reflected a person that was not deserving.

So whenever you come across something that you truly desire in life, tell yourself that you are not only deserving of such but you also have the ability to do what it takes to achieve it.  Once you have these keys in your pocket, many doors will be opened!

All the best!

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