Would "You" Buy Something From Yourself?

In order to get people to buy what it is that you are offering, you need to be someone they are comfortable with and can relate to.

If you were walking along and your identical twin came up to you offering a product or service, would you buy it?  As an online marketer, if you have yet to make that first sale after spending much effort putting your site together and promoting affiliate products; you may start to have doubts about yourself and your abilities.  You may think “other people are doing it so why can’t I?”

With so many people involved in online marketing these days, it is important that you find away to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.   In other words, find away that makes you unique and not like “just another online marketer.”  The term branding is used to describes what sets you apart and individualizes you in the online world.  People such as John Chow, Trey Smith and Jonathan Budd have done an excellent job at branding themselves in the blogging and home business industries.  Their ability to persuade individuals to come and see what it is they have to offer is extraordinary.  Those individuals who excel at branding have made a name for themselves.

A major approach to be used in order to get people to come see what you have is to offer something that provides value to your potential customers.  Do something that will offer a benefit to them as a result of their taking the time to come visit your site.  Also, it is of paramount importance that you present yourself in a way that makes yourself approachable.  People like to do business with people they like and if you come across as pushy, negative or hard to deal with, chances are they will not be coming back in the future.

I recently purchased an online training course from someone and after reviewing it and deciding that the material was not up to date, I asked for a refund.   Prior to making this purchase, I had already viewed several of this person’s videos and I liked how he presented and carried himself.  In the text of the email that I sent outlining my refund request; I mentioned that I wished to remain on his mailing list and that I would be receptive to reviewing any future offers that were presented to me.

Taking the time to let your customers know that you are available to address any concerns they have will help instill a more personable element for those who deal with you online.  You won’t be viewed as another phantom individual who is seen as trying to peddle their wares.

I hope this article is of benefit and as always I wish you the best!

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