When You Need To Consider Outsourcing

Time is money.  Face it, if you are not using your time wisely it could very easily result in you losing money.

Let me share a recent experience of mine that illustrates the concept.  Last week one of my computers began to malfunction and then finally it just stopped working altogether.  Since this particular computer was faster than the one I am using while I write this post, I was very much interested in getting it promptly repaired.  The person whom I normally go to for matters such as this said she would not be available for a few days so I decided I would try to make the repairs myself.  Based upon a previous experience with fixing the computer I immediately assumed the power supply needed to be replaced.  After taking the time to get a new one as well as installing it, several hours had elapsed.

I then determined that the power supply was not the problem so then I had to remove it from the PC so I could return it for a refund (hence more time spent).  Later on I made several trips to the local electronics store to get some replacement components (the time is adding up!) and still no luck.  After swapping out several different components I decided to throw in the towel and drop the PC off at my “go-to” person’s house once she was back in town and wait to see what she had to say (she has MUCH more experience in this than I do).

The main point of this is that instead of spending the numerous hours on attempted computer repairs, I could have been using the time to focus on business matters.  Renowned Internet entrepreneur Jonathan Budd uses the term “profit potential” to help people prioritize the actions that they take.  If the intended action does not yield much chance of resulting in profit for you, perhaps something else should be considered.  It also boils down to leverage.  I am blessed with being able to have a gardener tend to yard work needs at my home as well as having a pool man come by once a week to check on things.  Because of their time being leveraged for my advantage, this results in freeing up more time to allow me to do other things such as focus on business.  I also take advantage of the services that ghost writers provide and this in turn yields more time for me.  Whenever possible, instead of doing certain things I try to have someone else do them.  The intended outcome would be having the ability to focus more on business matters with the hope of seeing greater profits ensue.

So whenever possible, see if you can outsource various tasks to others.  This in turn would allow you more time to focus on things that you want to get done yourself.  Take gardening for example.  Chances are that by devoting more time to tend to the garden, you will see a more abundant crop whether it be fruits, vegetables or even flowers.  You can think of your business the same way.  If you put more time and effort into it, there is a good chance that you will see greater profits come forth.

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”




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