When Government Legislation Affects Your Business

When government enacts legislation that affects your business, you must take the time to stop and evaluate your options.

I recently was notified by Amazon.com that my affiliate contract would be terminated due to the state where I am living having signed into law new legislation that would impose tax upon sales made by California residents.   Now was I happy about this?  Of course not but I knew that at the moment I was not in a position to do anything about what had happened so I decided that I would need to evaluate other potential opportunities.   At the moment I am still “bummed” by this whole affair.  Amazon has a wide variety of products to offer and I definitely liked the ease of use when using the website to search for various items. They also have lots of widgets that one could embed their affiliate link into and post nice links on a blog or website.

But as entrepeneurs in the online business world, we are of the spirit that causes us to rise up whenever there is a challenge.  We are always on the lookout to see what else is out there and where we can offer solutions to those who needs answers to their problems or wants.

So if you happen to be a former Amazon affiliate living in California or in any one of the other states to which Amazon has said “Adiós!,” keep your chin up and continue to take advantage of all the other opportunities that are available.  When I recently spoke with someone about what had happened, I was reminded that other avenues of business such as eBay, Shopzilla and CommissionJunction.com are still in the game.

If you are not sure what else to find, do some networking and connect with other business minded individuals.  Strike up a conversation in an affiliate marketing forum and get some thought-exchange started.  Opportunity it itself is a blessing so make every effort to take advantage of it.

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”

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