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For a couple of months earlier this year, there was one WordPress plugin in particular that for some reason or another I could not get to work right.  I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times but to no avail.  Needless to say it was very frustrating.  What added to the ensuing aggravation was that after several inquiring emails to the person who wrote the plugin, I was still not having any luck.  The people from whom I had purchased the plugin from admitted that they were basically clueless about it’s features as well. For some reason the idea entered my mind that perhaps I should just set up a new blog and see if that helped.  I made an export file so that I could immediately import my posts into the new blog installation.  Take it from me,  you should backup, backup, backup!  This applies to your database as well as your blog files.   After setting up the new blog, I installed the “problem” plugin and lo and behold, it was working!  Although not sure what the specific cause of the plugin malfunction was, I was happy that it was now working.  I could only surmise that there was some hidden code glitch somewhere that was causing it to malfunction.  In this case, persistence paid off.  I will keep my “dummy blog” handy if I need to diagnose any other problems in the future. This was not the only plugin that I was having a problem with.  The “sexybookmarks” social bookmarking plugin was also giving me some difficulty.  I saw on various forums that I was not the person who was also having trouble with this one.  Believe me, I thought I was reading the instructions correctly on how to get in installed but after awhile I decided I would give the “onlywire” wordpress plugin a try instead.  What was really crazy was that this plugin seemed to display on my blog posts just fine when the post was in the “draft” mode but as soon as I published the post, the plugin logo would no longer display.  As of this date I still have not figured out where the problem lies with the “sexybookmarks” plugin but for now I am postponing my troubleshooting efforts with this.  If anyone who reads this post can offer some suggestions, please email me or leave a comment after this post. So in closing,  if you do come across any problems with your plugins or your blog in general, try to work your way backwards and remove anything that you may have recently installed onto your blog.  If this does not help, consider inactivation of all your plugins, reactivate the plugin that you were having problems with and see if it works at that point.  Then, one by one, start reactivating previously installed plugins and check to see that your new plugin still works.  Finally, if you can’t trace the root cause of the problem, consider a new installation of WordPress like I did and then see if the problem is fixed.  You can then import your post files from your previous blog and start anew. If you have had any similar experiences as a blogger, please comment below or email me at erik@erikvonwerlhof.com.  I would very much like to hear your inputs on this!!

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