What do YOU know about SEO??

Being a person who has an online business, being able to draw traffic to my site is an absolute necessity. The buzzword nowadays for being able to do this is “SEO” ( Search Engine Optimization ). This is a set of various modifications that are made to a website in order for it to be search-engine friendly and to increase the probability that your site will come up when a user enters in a certain phrase or keyword while initiating a search. After seeing so many ads from various SEO firms promising nothing short of number one search engine rankings while at the same time seeing mixed ( and often unfavorable ) reviews on the results obtained; I have decided that I will go the “school of hard-knocks” approach and try to learn “SEO” for myself. As a reference, I am using Peter Kent’s ” Search Engine Optimization for Dummies ” (fitting title for me especially!) for guidance and I will see how things go. Also, I have been using GoDaddy.com’s “Site Visability” program which also provides hints on how to better optimize a website. Slowly but surely things are starting to sink in and I will feel more assured once the traffic starts coming in.

This, in addition to aggressive advertising (using suggestions from various sources) should add up to some respectable results with regard to incoming traffic. Each person who gains increased experience from any endeavor that is pursued will only stand to benefit immensely over the course of time.  But however you decide to go about getting familiar with Search Engine Optimization, choose a method that you are satisfied with and one that will not leave you with the feeling that you have been had.  Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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