What Are Your Priorities?

I found my self recently thinking about why it is that some things get done and others don’t.  The drift being that while I look at the list of things that I find myself wanting to accomplish, why is it that some things just seemed to get put on the back burner?  To me, everything on the list seemed important but for some reason I found myself postponing my efforts to work towards getting things accomplished.  The light came on for me after watching a great video by legendary blogger John Chow where it sums the cause up in one word, priorities.

The thought wheels in my mind set in motion and I realized just how much truth there is in the message that John Chow is conveying.  I had to think about what my priorities truly were and ask myself whether or not they were being met.  Am I getting enough sleep?  I definitely try to.  When it comes to eating, never skip a beat there!  As far as the non-survival related items are concerned, I do try to keep up with guitar practice, study of foreign languages and preparing my financial future.

So in essence, when it comes down to thinking about those things that you say you don’t have the time or money for; are those things truly important to you in the present moment? Are you saying “I don’t have the time” instead of looking for ways to find the time?  The same question would apply to money.  For those things where you feel that you don’t have the time or money, ask yourself at that point just how much of a priority taking care of those items are to you right then and there.

Take a look at the video below and see how this may apply to you.  All the best and my thanks to John Chow.


It’s Not An Excuse. It’s A lack of Priorities

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