Looking for a web-hosting service??

Of the several web host services that I have tried, my favorite so far is GoDaddy.com!

The main feature that I like about it and what caused me to go ahead and get several domains with GoDaddy.com is the outstanding technical support.  It is available 24/7 and so far all of my experiences dealing with the GoDaddy.com customer support staff have been outstanding.  During several times when I had issues that needed to be resolved, the GoDaddy.com staff have always provided service and gave technical explanations in a clear and concise manner. Among the many features I have used with the GoDaddy.com hosting service, the domain manager products as well as the Search Engine Visibility program have been especially useful.

For anyone who is considering switching or looking for their first web hosting service, I would definitely recommend giving GoDaddy.com a try!

Be advised that when signing up for a GoDaddy.com account, they will present a lot of additional offers but you can always start out with the basic service and upgrade from there!
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