Want to Take a Course but skip Going to School?

After obtaining my Masters of Education degree in 1990, I decided that I was pretty much done with the process of driving to a school campus to attend class during my after work hours. At the end of the day, my mind was pretty much mush and the whole episode of dealing with rush hour traffic on a daily basis did not appeal to me at all. Then once you arrived at school, not only did you have to deal with finding a parking place (don’t forget the permit!), you had to make your way to the classroom and get something to eat somewhere along the way. After that, the late evening drive home awaited once class was over.

Fast forward nearly 3 decades later, I find myself very conscientious of how I use my time. No longer do I find myself willing to pursue additional learning in the way to which I was previously accustomed. I just wasn’t willing to spend my evenings penned up with others who were trying to get college credits for whatever reason. I wanted to learn things that I considered fun and grades or a diploma were no longer a concern of mine. The idea of online learning was beginning to seriously appeal to me.

Well this is why I want to tell you about a great online learning website called Udemy.com. It provides access to online learning courses that cover just about every subject under the sun. In the short time that has passed since finding out about Udemy, I have taken courses in SEO for WordPress, Flamenco guitar and music theory. I will soon be starting on courses dealing with selection of ClickBank products as well as personal growth and development. Being able to access these courses without the hassle of driving to a school to attend classes is a gigantic advantage to time strapped individuals such as you and me. No more concerns about going through the process of course registration, getting books and materials, or even wondering if the material will be relevant to your needs. All you need to do is find a course you like, pay the fee to enroll and the online learning aspect allows you to decide when you want to “attend class!”
These online learning courses also allow you to leave a message for the instructor should you have any questions(I have had quite a few!).

So if you are finding yourself wanting to learn something new but actually going to school is not for you, take advantage of the greater control available to you through online learning with Udemy.com!

All the best!

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