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When we are just starting out, coming up with ways to get some traffic (meaning visitors) to your site can be seen as a challenge.  If you don’t generate traffic to your website, no one will be seeing what it is that you have to offer and as a result, no sales will be made for your business.

So how then, does one go about the process of drawing visitors to his or her website?  With the tremendous amount of competitors that one may be potentially facing, it is essential to learn some basics on how to go about this process.  Now there are many products out there that claim to help you draw traffic to your site like a big vacuum cleaner but you need to be careful.  Many of these that I have tried myself have turned out to be nothing more than glorified social bookmarking programs that submit your website URL’s to various directories who quality is questionable at best.  One program I tried out only submitted URL’s to a whopping four (yes, 4) directories and there was no means available to increase this number.

Now a quick and easy way to get your site indexed so that search engines will start picking up your site is to submit a “ping” to  This will send your URL to a wide variety (usuall 82-83 with this site).  Once search engine spiders start to crawl your site, a ranking for your site will be established and traffic would start coming to your page (no amount guaranteed here).

Another method you should consider for traffic generation is by submitting articles having content relevant to your website to article directories.  This would allow you to also include a link to your site so that when people are finished reading your article, they can click the link on your website to find out more information.  To see one of the articles that I have written that contains a link to one of my websites, click here.  My two favorite article directories are and

Another method you can look into is by signing up to join forums.  Forums are groups of people sharing an interest in a common topic.  Depending on the conditions for use set by the forum’s organizer, you may be able to post links to your site so that those who read your post can find out more information.

With all the methods available for generating traffic to your website, it is impractical to list them in one post.  But one thing everyone needs to be familiar with in order to have a hope for being effective in traffic generating efforts is keyword research.  Keywords are words that people who are searching for information on a topic of interest type into search engines in order to yield a list of websites containing the desired information.  You always want to use keywords that are relevant to the topic of concern on your website.  For example, if you have a website that talks about yoga techniques,  you don’t want to use a irrelevant keyword such as cleaning products for your website.  You want to use keywords that have high search volumes and low competition levels.  To get a good explanation at what this means, I recommend you view the excellent tutorial videos dealing with keyword research that are provided by Market Samurai.  A free trial version of Market Samurai is available for download.  If you wish to use the advanced features of this program after the trial period, you need to go ahead and purchase the product.  Another good paid keyword research tool is Keyword Elite.  This advanced keyword research tool has many similar features to Market Samurai but in a different layout.  I myself use both Market Samurai and Keyword Elite but if you decide that free is best, by all means check out the Google Keyword tool which is also an excellent program.

Give yourself the time to research and review the various methods of traffic generation and keyword research.  If you have not done so already, be sure to look into social bookmarking as well.  The OnlyWire plugin for WordPress blogs helps with this and it is a personal favorite of mine!!   Over the course of time you will be able to determine which methods work best for you.  As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect” and in this case there is always room for improvement.

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Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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