Tilt! Tilt! Information Overload!

For the aspiring individual who is seeking to embark in the field of online marketing, it is very easy to fall prey to what is known as “information overload”. 

There are so many advertisements online nowadays from people and companies who are promoting their business opportunities and how-to products that it is very easy to become overwhelmed and confused.  Of course all the testimonials that you see stating how wonderful and profitable the opportunity or product is can very easily lead one to a sense of skepticism.  Promises of quick profits and financial independence readily abound (of course all the standard disclaimers are included in fine print). 

For the individual who is being subject to information overload through a barrage of emails or with the information they are reviewing, information overload can readily set in unless he or she has a clear sense of direction from within or guidance from a coach or mentor.  For me, information overload was very evident until I got to the point where I decided I would narrow my focus to a much more narrow scope with regard to my self determined areas that needed improvement.  I finally got to a point as to where I had found four companies that I felt comfortable dealing with.  After much  review, I decided that I would currently go with the information that Stephen Pierce is providing as far as establishing an online business.  So far, I am pleased with what I have been learning.  Since then, the amount of information overload that I have been experiencing is less.

If one decides to seek out the services of an individual who provides one-on-one coaching or mentoring (another potential source of information overload), it is imperative that he or she feels truly comfortable with the person that they establish a relationship with.  It necessary to take the time to truly check things out beforehand so as to avoid being unpleasantly surprised that all was not what it seemed to be.

For those (such as myself) who have a tendency to try and learn things on their own, this can be a more successful avenue of approach but can also take longer as well.  Relying on myself to learn (from a myriad of sources) about web design, SEO, bringing  traffic to my websites, advertising online has saved me money but it has also taken longer as well. 

So my recommendation as far as avoiding being overwhelmed my information overload would be that once you find a certain realm of things that you wish to accomplish; narrow your focus on that until you get the results you wish to achieve.  Keep your intentions energized on what is truly important to you at the time.  Your simplified method of accomplishment should help you progress in a smoother more efficient fashion.

May your information overload turn into fruitful information abundance!

p.s.  For additional information on the topic of information overload, please click on the link below to read what some friends of mine posted in their blog concerning how to deal with this.  Enjoy!

The Prescription for Information Overload

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