The Thrill of Your First Sale

If you have not made your first online sale yet, this is something that you will experience.  For those who have made their first online sale, you all know what I am talking about.

It’s the absolutely awesome feeling that comes with knowing that you are capable and have what it takes to succeed as an online marketer.  The act of having made your first online sale removes any self doubt as to whether or not you have the ability to pursue success as an online entrepeneur.  Now granted, one may not be making sales at the rate they wish but there should be no question in the individual’s mind as to whether or not they can do it.

I remember the day when I achieved this milestone.  A message arrives in my email saying that a payment had been received.  I had no idea where the payment was from but once I realized what had happened, I was enshrouded in a blanket of newly gained self-confidence.   For me, this meant that I passed the test!  This was rock-solid proof that I could make a success of myself in this industry.  I could now shake this demon of doubt and focus my efforts on how to do things better.

While we are developing our skills as entrepeneurs, we need to continuously keep our eyes open to find out what works best for us.  We need to invest whatever time we can into our business and to be aware that we are accountable and responsible for the results that come about.

As I mentioned in a previous post, one should focus on how to manage their activities and think of their business as a business and not as a hobby.   What you put into it will determine what you get out of it.  So when the thrill of having made your first sale comes to you, give yourself a pat on the back and be proud.  You will be able to say “been there, done that!”  You will have accomplished something that many others are still aspiring to.  If you are still waiting for this moment to arrive, tell yourself repeatedly that you are a successful entrepeneur whose money has not yet been deposited into your account.

Once this hurdle has been cleared, continue to move forward and improve.  Seek out new ways to brand yourself and to provide value to your customers.  Never stop learning and always keep growing.

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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