The Success Mindset

For any individual who pursues success in a self endeavor, the right frame of mind or a success mindset in absolutely essential.  The term “success mindset” can mean different things to different people but it should contain an element of recognition that in order to achieve a certain result, certain causes must be enacted.

Now I am sure that one would agree that if a person had achieved a degree of success in their pursuit, he or she would have had to know what was wanted prior to engaging in the desired pursuit that would lead to the success.  As the pursuit of the success is in progress, a strong element of focus must also be incorporated.  Focus includes knowing what is wanted, being attentive to what is wanted and carrying out the necessary efforts in a concentrated and consistent fashion towards the attainment of what is wanted.  Through the use of focus, distractions are reduced and through the use of integrating focus with efforts (causes) that are known to be proper and relevant, the desired effects can be achieved.  To get an understanding of the importance of focus, Robert Kiyosaki gives an outstanding assessment of what focus entails in the book “The Midas Touch” co-authored with Donald Trump.

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Now there are two categories of circumstance that people will fall into when it comes to the efforts used towards the pursuit of success.  These categories basically consist of knowing what works and not knowing what works.  If you are already blessed with the knowledge of knowing what efforts or causes are needed to bring about the desired results, you are in a position of strength to start.  But what if you don’t have the advantage of knowing what works?  This in itself can be the onset of a true adventure and discovery.  The classic case of this scenario involves famed inventor Thomas Edison and his development of the electric light bulb.  The number of attempts spent at developing a functioning light bulb is legendary.  Instead of thinking about the number of failures involved, Edison thought of it as the number of ways not to go about developing the light bulb.  This is what made Edison stand out from the crowd; it was his outlook and perseverance in the face of adversity.

One of the things you can consider is to come into contact with individuals who share your interests and desires.  Through the use of this “mastermind” principle, the combined thoughts of individuals sharing their insights on a goal of benefit to all can magnify the chances of success on an exponential level.  As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”  You will undoubtedly see the increased thought activity that comes about from swapping ideas back and forth between members of your group.  In his book “Think and Grow Rich,”  Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to describing how a person’s brain power can be increased when he or she allies themselves with people who are devoted to the attainment of an interest shared by all.  Surely at some point in their lives, each of us experience the desire to communicate with others with whom we have something in common.

So what is your “success mindset?”  What are you willing to do in order to achieve it?  Will you keep on trying when things get tough or will you take the easy way out?  How long are you willing to persist in your efforts?  These as well as many other potential questions can only be answered by you.

Here’s to you!

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