The Importance of Your Blog Theme

The need to give due consideration to your blog theme is important because it presents an initial impression to those who decide to stop and look at your blog.

Now there are all types of blogs and well as a wide plethora of blog themes to go along with it.  The available layouts on each theme vary but you should choose a theme that will not only convey a degree of relevance to your blog but of course you want it to be appealing to your readers as well.  The types of header images you select, the sizes and variety of fonts that you use, the colors for the various theme component such as links, borders, etc., come into play when you are selecting a blog theme.

The themes that are already provided by WordPress when you initially setup your blog are fine if you only want to put together some blog posts as well as adsense ads but when you want to incorporate a specialized element into your blog (such as affiliate marketing) you will want to give some extra thought for the theme you want to use.

Two affiliate marketing oriented themes that I came across this year are Alvin Phang’s “Atomic Blogging Theme” and Matt Carter’s “WordPress Affiliate Theme“.  These are both easy to install and come with a wide variety of features that you can use to custom tailor your theme design.  Click on the links up above to find out more.

So when you are deciding upon a theme to choose, pick something that you feel has something to say about you.  Also, your blog layout wants to present a good image to those who read your blog.  Ask yourself this; is your blog something that catches your own eye and makes you want to read it as well?  This is an important consideration for you the online marketer because you want to put on a good presentation for your potential customers.  If you are promoting products that deal with sporting goods, you don’t want your blog theme to have a layout that suggests it is advertising for fancy baked goods.  Keep it to the point and relevant.

So if you are new on the blogging scene, by all means take some time and see what types are themes are available to you.  If you have some different themes to experiment with, get some feedback from someone you trust and see what they think.  Put your best theme forward!

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”



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