The Importance of Focus in Business

In order to achieve the business results you desire, it is essential that you possess a strong sense of focus.  By this I mean that in order to stay on track towards the accomplishment of business goals, consistent and dedicated effort must be carried out towards them.

Keeping this in mind, one must also organize their time management skills so that efforts are not carried out in an inefficient manner.  You don’t want to start your day with no sense of direction with regard to what you wish to get accomplished.  In today’s fast paced environment, it is far too easy to get distracted with a myriad of things that can pop up.  If you already have a regular day job and are investing time in your business during your off hours, focus is all the more important.  I admit, at the end of a long day, I like to relax and play video games.  On many occasions I have found that before I knew it, the evening has been gobbled up without having achieved anything useful and it’s time for bed.

What really made me aware of the need for focus was a book co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump called “The Midas Touch” which discusses the elements needed for success as an entrepreneur.  In this book, Kiyosaki details his time spent while training to be a Marine Corps combat helicopter pilot.  In effect, Mr. Kiyosaki stressed the paramount needs for prioritizing, staying on task and not becoming distracted as skills essential for increasing the odds for surviving in a hostile environment (referring to the war in Vietnam).

The business environment can also be a hostile one.  Granted no one is aiming a weapon at you on a daily basis (hopefully) but if you pursue business without focus, you will effectively be “killed” by your competitors in addition to your own inefficiency.   Your time will be ineffectively spent, results will be minimal at best and you won’t be staying abreast of what is needed to survive in the current business climate.

So how does one go about attaining or increasing their focus?  A very good question.  For the individual who is accustomed to a regimented routine and holds themselves accountable, this can be an easily attainable task.  For those who are vulnerable to becoming easily distracted and have no one to hold them accountable, this can pose quite a challenge.  Also, for those who have limited time to devote to business for whatever reasons such as family obligations or due to employment, keeping oneself on track to the accomplishment of business related tasks can be a significant mental hurdle.  Here are some things one can consider that may help:

– Draft a mission statement of what your business goals are.  You may also include things or beliefs that you consider to be important components of your business makeup.  It is also good to list a timeline you wish to follow for the accomplishment of your goals.  Be sure to make your goals realistic but don’t be afraid to “raise the bar.”

– At  the end of each day, write down what you wish to accomplish the following day. If you don’t know what you want to get done, how can you expect to accomplish anything? That way, you already know when you get up the following morning what your tasks are and you won’t need to stop and ponder about what you want to get done.  I find it personally useful to keep a small notepad with me for ready reference.

– Find a partner!  As the saying goes; “Two heads are better than one” especially holds true.  Working with a like-minded individual can go a long way to help you achieve success.  This will allow you to exchange ideas and come up with solutions to problems more quickly.  You will also have someone to whom you can be accountable.

– “Keep your eye on the prize”  Always be aware of why you are pursuing success.  See yourself enjoying the fruits of your labors.

– Believe in yourself!  If you have achieved partial results in a certain area, don’t let anyone make you think that you can’t do better.  Think of Thomas Edison in his quest to develop the electric light bulb.  Take a look at the picture below to see how Robert Kiyosaki responded to some hecklers:

Robert Kiyosaki Flipping Off the Haters

Robert Kiyosaki Flipping Off the Haters (Photo credit: Casey Serin)

Here’s To You!

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