The Big Apple is asking, "You Want a Piece of Me!!??"

New York City skyline with Empire State Building
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bid On The City. All opinions are 100% mine.

That’s right!  We are talking NYC as in New York City!!  Here is your chance to own a piece of the pie!  We are talking a chance for you to buy property in the Manhattan and Westchester areas of one of the greatest cities on the planet.  What’s available?  Apartments, condos, co-ops, residential and commercial properties can all be yours and you can start with a bid of just $1!   After reviewing this site I saw myself in the apartment listed at 247 W 46th looking through my spacious window at the view of the hustle and bustle down below.  My guess is that the lucky buyer of that piece of real estate is going to get it at a bargain of $675K and the condo on 513 W 135th is going to get the keys to that little palace for $162K.  As for myself, I would bid $640K and $138K (if I had it) on each but yes, of course I would start the ball rolling with $1.  But there’s more!  Try out your bidding skills and if you guess right on 10 of these properties in a row, $100,000 is yours to keep.  To learn more about the rules, go to

The next bidding event is set to take place on December 11, 2010 so there is plenty of time to register and find out all you need to know on these choice properties that can be yours.  Psst, while you are there, take a look to see what might also be out in the Hamptons just in case you are in the mood to expand your horizons.  Good Luck and may the winning bid be yours!

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p.s.  If you are not quite ready for making a property purchase and need a good source of info on how to proceed; go to to get a great start on learning how to pursue what’s right for you.

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