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After having some experiences with a one certain affiliate product that no one seemed to really know anything about as well as reading an excerpt from a post in a network that I belong to, I felt it necessary to generate the following content for this post.
The affiliate product that I downloaded following purchase is a WordPress plugin that for the longest time I have not been able to get to work.  I sent numerous emails to those who promoted the product concerning my questions and the only honest answer that I received was “I’m clueless about its features.”  At least I did get a response back and the person who provided me said response was an individual who promptly gave me a refund following a non related issue.

This leads me on to my main point.  Earlier this month I decided to promote some eBooks that I obtained with PLR resell rights.  Now granted it is not an affiliate product but the following information still applies.  I decided to review each book for content and to see what I could do to add to the quality of the material.  After finding numerous punctuation and grammatical errors on the first book, I decided to review and edit the other eBooks as well.  After about 3 weeks of effort, I ended up editing all four of the eBooks that were provided and I reformatted them to included page numbers as well.  In addition, I page checked the table of contents to ensure that the page numbers listed did in fact match up to the appropriate topics.  I also ended up including links to various relevant websites that dealt with the content and made some material additions myself.

Upon completion of this work, I listed my name as author of the revised edition and out of respect for the original author, I included his name in acknowledgement of supplying the initial content.  My main point is that if you decide to market something to the public, do become familiar with the product features  instead of just putting it up on your sales page in the hopes that someone will just go ahead and purchase it.  That way, if a customer does have a concern about one of your affiliate product items, you can at least provide some measure of support to get their problems addressed.  If for some reason you are not able to become thoroughly familiar with an affiliate product that you are offering, make sure your customers know that you are standing behind your offers with a money back guarantee.  This will potentially pave the way to future sales in addition to establishing a good reputation for you as an affiliate marketer.

So whatever affiliate product or products you choose to promote, make an effort to become familiar with it and give your customers a feeling of receiving value after having bought from you.

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