Take Care of You so You Can Achieve More!

In order for us to be able to achieve our goals, we must give ourselves the capability to do so. By this I mean not only must we take care of ourselves physically, but spiritually as well. A sound mind and healthy body go hand in hand in enabling us to go forward and pursue our aspirations. Some of the things we can take into consideration for a healthy body are exercise, a good diet (including plenty of water) and sufficient sleep each night.

Exercise is essential because it helps ensure that fitness is maintained and that your body is kept in good working order overall.  With exercise, oxygen levels in the blood are kept where they need to be and mental alertness is maintained. A good diet maintains proper nutritional levels of various vitamins and nutrients which contribute to our health and general well being by helping our organs function properly.  Drinking enough water on a daily basis prevents us from suffering the effects of dehydration which impacts our activity.  Last but not least, sleep!  Sleep is what helps us “recharge our batteries” and gives us the strength to carry on anew during the next day. Without enough sleep, we become exhausted and unable to think clearly. Imagine the difficulty in accomplishing an important task when you are barely able to stay awake and your thoughts become centered on finding a place to curl up into a ball and sleep into the next century.  Imagine a care that is low on fuel (food), not enough water in the radiator (dehydration which will result in overheating) and has been being driven at high speeds for months without getting checked out at the auto shop (sleep).  Not much of a chance that it will continue to perform well for you at a time when you would need it the most.

So place the thought of taking care of yourself high on the priority list.  You will be in a much greater position to clearly focus on the the goals that are important to you instead of devoting your efforts to things that serve little if any purpose. The returns you see on the investment you make in yourself will be numerous.

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