Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Many people dream of entrepreneurship.  The thought may come up while at work if the person is unhappy with their job for whatever reason.  The reason could be due to dissatisfaction with the commute, the work environment or the obligation of committing one’s time on a daily basis to meet the requirements of another person.

The notion of being able to work your own hours, be answerable only to yourself as well as more freedom in your personal schedule can be powerful lures.   But how does one know if they are truly ready to assume the role of entrepreneurship?  Needless to say the whole proposition can pose a substantial amount of various risks such as financial, emotional and physical.

I came across an article recently written by well known blogger Yaro Starak.  In his blog, entrepreneurs, he lists what he calls the 7 signs of not being ready to be an entrepreneur.  The article contains very good tips and relevant guidance on what to consider should you be contemplating the jump over to the entrepreneurial side of things.  Click on the link –>>  7 Signs You Are Not Ready

After you read it stop to pause and ask yourself where you fit in.  Are you ready?  Are you already there?  Did you think you were ready but discovered that you really weren’t?  Only you can decide.  My thanks to Yaro Starak and I encourage you to spend some time checking out his blog

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Thinking Outside The Box!”


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