Setting your priorities

For those who aspire to become entrepreneurs, it is essential to remain focused on the desired goals.  In addition to having self-discipline, one must also have set priorities that dictate where personal effort is to be directed .  Along with clear set priorities, one must also ensure that proper action is being taken with the intent of desired goal achievement.  It is also of paramount importance that one learns to manage his or her activities during their hours awake so that they are effective in attaining desired results.

Being as how the amount of time in a day is fixed, how we manage our activities has a profound effect on the rate at which our goals are achieved.  Each of us has different goals and desires. In order to engage in their pursuit; we must ask ourselves how committed we are to achieving them.  Also in need of consideration are the actions we need to take to bring about the change we seek.  In other words, what are we willing to do and how long are we willing to invest in order to ensure that we achieve that which we desire?

An obstacle that faces each one of us is the myriad of daily tasks we deem necessary for accomplishment on a daily basis.  Of course their are the daily necessities such as meals, sleep, bathing, work, attending to financial matters, etc. Another obstacle that one may have to deal with is the tendency to get distracted.  I myself have had to work on this (still do!) because over the course of time, this can result in many hours lost.  Just now, while writing this post, I found myself getting sidetracked with trying to find out about how to program a certain WordPress plugin dealing with footnotes.  I immediately had to get myself back “on task” with the writing of this post.

When deciding what to do during the course of any given day, you should ask yourself if the items you plan on accomplishing will help you to achieve your goals?  If so, great! If not, maybe it would be a good idea to reevaluate whether or not spending time on them would be a good idea.  Simplification in your overall schedule in order to separate the important things from the not so important things may be what’s needed to provide an extra measure of assurance in accomplishing what you truly wish to.

For those of you who find yourself seemingly overwhelmed with things to get done; give some thought to what is mentioned in this post.  You may find yourself with extra time you did not know you had as a result.



Some Pointers for Time Management

I am currently in the process of reading “Success One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell for the second time.  This masterpiece of a book contains so much awesome information that reading it once was not enough.  If you are like me, we find ourselves having difficulty focusing effectively on any one venture due to being interested in a wide variety of things.  This situation so to speak has been coined as the “dilemma of the Renaissance Man.”

One can also say that there is no such thing as time management but rather activity management.  I myself tend to agree with this philosophy but I can see how both outlooks are valid.

In order to achieve the results we seek (whatever those results may be), it is of paramount importance that the proper actions be applied.  With the greater magnitude of proper action that gets applied for any given amount of time (hence the intensity of the action); this will determine the likelihood of how soon the desired results come to fruition.

So is there a general philosophy that can be applied by anyone who seeks to attain better use of their time?  I like to think that there is.  Please allow me to share with you a list of principles (all courtesy of Mr. Maxwell) that may prove helpful to you should you find yourself wondering whether or not your time is being put to high-value use:

  • Things that advance your overall life purpose.
  • Things that you have always wanted to do (skydiving and flying here I come!).
  • Things that others say can’t be done (always fun to say “Told you so!”).
  • Things that help you grow to your maximum potential.
  • Things that develop other people’s ability to achieve and lead.
  • Things that multiply – rather than merely add- value to yourself and others.
  • Things that harness your creativity.
  • Things you can delegate to others (I am a big time fan of this one!).
  • Things that promote teamwork and synergy.
  • Things that are now or never opportunities (I myself always encourage a “look before you leap” philosophy when appropriate but if your inner self says go for it; by all means do so).
In closing, I would like to once again thank John Maxwell for this guidance that all entrepreneurs can put to good use.  There is only so much time in a day, put it to good use!  Without a doubt, I would say that his book “Success One Day At A Time” is a must-read!

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When Time For Your Business is Limited

For those of us who pursue an interest in online marketing and have a job as well, acquiring the discipline to manage our activities during our personal time is of the utmost importance.

The reason for this is simple.  In order for one to get the most effective use with the limited time that is available for personal matters, it is imperative to have a clear vision of what it is you wish to achieve during your free time.  Usually after a “day at the office,” it can be a bit difficult to stay focused because we want to relax, take it easy and let our minds wander.  Before we know it, it’s time to go to bed and start over the next day with whatever our daily routines may consist of.

But if one takes the time to at least write down and formulate a plan for what it is that needs to be accomplished, with practice this ritual will shift from being a task to be an example of habitual behavior.  It has been stated that in order for a habit to sink in and become instinctive, you usually have to keep at it for about 21 days.

The potential rewards for acquiring this discipline of activity management can be significant.  Instead of just pursuing a goal in haphazard fashion; consistent and steady progress can be made towards the manifestation of what you desire (i.e., success as an online marketer).  Now do take time now and then to stop, relax and reward yourself for some work well done.  Keep in mind that when one makes mention of the term online business, remember that the principles of maintaining a business apply.  It takes consistent effort and dedication in order to have a chance for success.

We are all given the same amount of time in a day.  What we do with the time is up to us.  By placing  better focus on the methods we use for managing our activities, we can be confident that we will have a better chance for greater results.


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