The Benefits of Personal Development Conferences

A major benefit of attending a personal development conference or seminar is that you get the chance to meet and associate with others who share common interests with you.

Conferences and seminars can be structured to provide information on a variety of related topics or on one specific topic in general.  Besides learning from the material that is presented; you also get the chance to meet new people and do some networking.  New opportunities will most likely arise as a result of meeting with those having things in common.

Another intangible but very real benefit that can be gained from such meetings is experiencing the energy that arises when you are in a group of like minded individuals.  You definitely pick up on a “vibe” that is present when you are in the presence of numerous individuals who share the same interests as you.  Lets say you are attending a conference whose purpose is to address various methods of internet marketing.  Well, it’s probably safe to say that all the participants share interests that are similar if not identical to yours.  So, when you meet people at the event, you could very well end up talking about marketing related subjects.  Not only are you sharing what you have to offer but you stand to learn a great deal from hearing about what others are doing as well.  The term “masterminding” is used when people are sharing information that is focusing on the attainment of a common goal.

Now keep in mind that when you attend such a conference, the mere listening and absorbing of the presented information is not going to produce the results you desire.  It’s what you do with the information that matters.  It is the implementation of proper action that is required to achieve the desired results.

Last year I attended a presentation of Marshall Sylver’s “Turning Point” seminar in Las Vegas and was very impressed.  The seminar event focused on how to put yourself in the proper mindset when it comes to the attainment of goals.  I very much enjoyed getting to meet people who flew in from all over the country and listening to their experiences.  Upon my return home I was very much “pumped up” and ready to go!  If you have not yet attended a “Turning Point” seminar, you should by all means consider it.  Being in a large group of people who shared a common purpose was very revitalizing.  Now if you are a sports fan sitting in the bleachers with hundreds if not thousands of fans who are all cheering your team on, you know what I mean!

Next month, I will be attending another one of Marshall Sylver’s seminars called “First Million.”  This seminar is designed to teach strategies that focus on success in small business and entrepeneurial endeavors.  While the conference is in progress, I intend to take numerous notes and analyze the information as a whole.  From this I intend to extract pieces of information that I feel will provide the most benefit to me as I progress I my business.  I also plan on meeting with other people and analyze the pieces of information that they share as to how they are able to accomplish what I am interested in.   As they saying goes, “Hang out with those who you wish to become.” If the opportunity presents itself, I will also take down names and numbers of those who I meet if it is decided that we would like to stay in touch once we return home.

So if you ever find yourself at a point where it is hard to focus your efforts on your goals as an entrepeneur, place yourself amongst those who think like yourself.  Attending a conference that deals with success for entrepeneurs is a great way to accomplish this!

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”


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