Problems – Obstacles or Opportunities?

Earlier this year, I watched a movie titled “The Ultimate Gift.” It told the story of a privileged (as in “silver spoon”) young man whose billionaire grandfather had recently passed away. As part of the process of having the will disclosed to the surviving family members, he is presented with a video produced by the grandfather outlining a series of “gifts” that he will be presented with in order for a chance to obtain his portion of the inheritance.

Now the potential beneficiary (Jason) is thinking of the gifts in the traditional sense but by the end of the movies comes to realize that the gifts are indeed beliefs that can be attained which will result in transformation to becoming a better person.

At the conclusion of the movie in which Jason becomes the recipient of a sizable amount of wealth, the following gifts are mentioned:

– The gift of Work
– The gift of Money
– The gift of Love
– The gift of Friends
– The gift of Problems
– The gift of a New Day
– The gift of Laughter
– The gift of Gratitude

Out of this list of gifts the one that really stood out in my mind was the one pertaining to problems. The grandfather (played by James Garner) states to the effect that a problem can be viewed as an opportunity to exercise the mind and come up with a solution. As a result, man’s abilities to think and reason would be improved. This to me sounds like a much healthier approach rather than saying “Oh whatever shall I do!” It reminded me of being in high school math classes pondering over how to find the solution that was presented to the class by the teacher.

What a great outlook to have on this subject! Thinking of problems as an opportunity to be embraced with the intent of coming out better as a result. The hope and optimism that you can convey to those facing the problem with you can be contagious and as a result new and greater energy is brought to focus when it comes to attaining the solution.

So as entrepreneurs, we should not only see problems we encounter as gifts, we should also expect for them to come our way.  That way, when a problem arrives, we should hopefully be in a better frame of mind to not only deal with but to benefit from them as well!

Gents & Ladies….There be a posse formin'!

During any of your travels out in the Wild West of the affiliate marketing frontier, have you ever come across any varmints who seemed like some real shady bandidos?  Have you ever been presented with anything that was promised to be a pot of gold but just turned out to be snake oil?  Podner, don’t you feel bad at all!  It’s happened to all of us I’m sure.  Many an honest person has stumbled upon the type of online bushwhacker who makes you feel that you would have rather tried your luck walkin’ though a den of rattlesnakes!

Recently, I came across one dude’s blog page that spreads the word to be on the lookout for bandits that will snatch your hard earned buffalo nickels if yer not careful!  The blog page is .  It gives a lot of good advice so that the unwary internet marketing wanderer can become alot more savvy!  It’s good to see people speaking out against that unsavory element that gives marketers a bad name!

But another part I especially liked about this page was that people with opposing points of view were able to post their comments saying so and not get beat up for it!  To me it means a lot when someone is willing to show both sides of the story.

Now all kidding (as well as slang) put aside, do be careful out there but don’t let your doubts and fears deny you any potential opportunities!

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Take ownership for what you offer!

After having some experiences with a one certain affiliate product that no one seemed to really know anything about as well as reading an excerpt from a post in a network that I belong to, I felt it necessary to generate the following content for this post.
The affiliate product that I downloaded following purchase is a WordPress plugin that for the longest time I have not been able to get to work.  I sent numerous emails to those who promoted the product concerning my questions and the only honest answer that I received was “I’m clueless about its features.”  At least I did get a response back and the person who provided me said response was an individual who promptly gave me a refund following a non related issue.

This leads me on to my main point.  Earlier this month I decided to promote some eBooks that I obtained with PLR resell rights.  Now granted it is not an affiliate product but the following information still applies.  I decided to review each book for content and to see what I could do to add to the quality of the material.  After finding numerous punctuation and grammatical errors on the first book, I decided to review and edit the other eBooks as well.  After about 3 weeks of effort, I ended up editing all four of the eBooks that were provided and I reformatted them to included page numbers as well.  In addition, I page checked the table of contents to ensure that the page numbers listed did in fact match up to the appropriate topics.  I also ended up including links to various relevant websites that dealt with the content and made some material additions myself.

Upon completion of this work, I listed my name as author of the revised edition and out of respect for the original author, I included his name in acknowledgement of supplying the initial content.  My main point is that if you decide to market something to the public, do become familiar with the product features  instead of just putting it up on your sales page in the hopes that someone will just go ahead and purchase it.  That way, if a customer does have a concern about one of your affiliate product items, you can at least provide some measure of support to get their problems addressed.  If for some reason you are not able to become thoroughly familiar with an affiliate product that you are offering, make sure your customers know that you are standing behind your offers with a money back guarantee.  This will potentially pave the way to future sales in addition to establishing a good reputation for you as an affiliate marketer.

So whatever affiliate product or products you choose to promote, make an effort to become familiar with it and give your customers a feeling of receiving value after having bought from you.

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