How to Know if an Online Opportunity is Right for You

The business world is full of individuals touting their opportunities as “sure-fire” ways of making it big.  For the unwary, such a “sure-fire” way of making big poses a great chance of causing a multitude of problems.  That’s why it is so important to take the time to evaluate such opportunities prior to committing to them with full effort.

Now as form myself, I have had my fair share of experiences with such opportunities and yes, I will say that they did not yield the results that I was hoping for.  But rather than look upon these experiences as failures, I choose to view them as lessons on how not to do things in the future.  With the lessons that are learned and the knowledge gained over the course of time (from talking to lots of people and reading lots of books), I have gained more confidence in how I approach such opportunities and am willing to take full responsibility for my actions.

So what are my recommendations for the path one should follow when pursuing such a venture?  There are several:

a) Does the opportunity involve something that you believe in?  Can you be sincerely passionate about it?  People can sense when you are being fake or not on the level!  Take the time to research (is there a niche?) to see if a demand for your potential service/product exists.

b) Are you willing to take the time to do what it takes and commit to making it work?  Are you able to accept that results probably will not come overnight?

c) Will you let a “failure” stop you dead in your tracks or will you bounce back and keep on swinging?

d) Is the product you are promoting something that you would be willing to talk to a prospective customer about face to face?

e) Is your knowledge level on the product such that you would be able to offer assistance and support to any customer who is having a problem with it?  Are you the type of person who would buy something from yourself? ( I know that sounds strange)  Will you give your customers a feeling that you will be there for them if needed or will you drop off the face of the earth after the sale?

Something else to consider is the relationship that you are experiencing with the company as you are contemplating the establishment of a venture with them.  Do the people you talk to seem genuine or are they coming across like snake-oil salesmen?  Are they giving you honest or canned responses to any questions you have?  Also take a look at the tech-support that is offered.  You don’t want to be in a situation where one of your clients has an issue you can’t solve and no resources are available for you.

Don’t let fears or apprehensions get in the way of making an educated decision.  Be willing to get your feet wet to some extent but also pay attention to your inner feelings (“Use the Force!”).  In my next post, I will start to share my experiences with a company that I am currently evaluating.  I would welcome any comments you would be willing to share on the topic of evaluating online business opportunities.


Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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Have You Been Drifting?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been finding myself continually succumbing to the tendency to allow myself to engage in activities that have not been productive as far as my online work is concerned.  I have found myself spending a lot of time playing a WWII aviation video game that I like and looking back, I know I could have gotten so much more done with regards to achieving my online business goals.

I was lucky enough to stumble across an article written by another blogger that I know where he makes reference to a book that I read a couple of years ago titled “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill.  In Hill’s book, mention is given to a mental state known as “drifting.”  A person who is drifting is one who finds themselves going throughout their lives with a lack of focus, direction and purpose. Now I am not going to go into too much detail about this book but I would definitely put it on every entrepreneurs “must-read” list.  The whole precept behind this book is nothing short of fascinating.

What benefited me most from reading this blog post was up until then, I was not aware of what I was experiencing except that I knew I was certainly suffering from something that was cluttering up my brainwaves.  But after reading this reference to “drifting” I knew right then and there what I was going through.  With this new awareness being suddenly bestowed upon me, I immediately set on a course to realign my thoughts and behaviors so that I would set out upon a more productive path.  One thing that I make sure I do with more regularity is to write a list of what it is I wish to achieve and then put myself to task to get those things done.  As a result, time is spent more efficiently and results are more likely to come to fruition.

I also read another great post written by the great blogger John Chow titled “100 Ways Rich People Think Differently.”  In his post the author gives 100 (yes one-zero-zero) examples of beliefs and attitudes that rich people have in their lives with regards to their dealings with money.  One of my favorites on the list alludes to instead of money being the root of all evil is that poverty is the root of all evil.   This list is just another example of how people are ultimately responsible for the reality that they create for themselves.

This two articles gave me a good reevaluation of how a person can make sure they stay on track and how to be aware of what is taking place in the event they find themselves milling about aimlessly.  So if you find yourself at that mental stumbling block and aren’t getting much done as a result, you may very well be drifting so snap out of it and get back on track!


Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”

100 Ways Rich People Think Differently

James K Larson post re: “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill

Read “Outwitting The Devil”



Expand Your Marketplace with UOOTEK

In order to expand your online business, it only makes sense to expand your potential customer base as well.

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Best Wishes and Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”

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When Time For Your Business is Limited

For those of us who pursue an interest in online marketing and have a job as well, acquiring the discipline to manage our activities during our personal time is of the utmost importance.

The reason for this is simple.  In order for one to get the most effective use with the limited time that is available for personal matters, it is imperative to have a clear vision of what it is you wish to achieve during your free time.  Usually after a “day at the office,” it can be a bit difficult to stay focused because we want to relax, take it easy and let our minds wander.  Before we know it, it’s time to go to bed and start over the next day with whatever our daily routines may consist of.

But if one takes the time to at least write down and formulate a plan for what it is that needs to be accomplished, with practice this ritual will shift from being a task to be an example of habitual behavior.  It has been stated that in order for a habit to sink in and become instinctive, you usually have to keep at it for about 21 days.

The potential rewards for acquiring this discipline of activity management can be significant.  Instead of just pursuing a goal in haphazard fashion; consistent and steady progress can be made towards the manifestation of what you desire (i.e., success as an online marketer).  Now do take time now and then to stop, relax and reward yourself for some work well done.  Keep in mind that when one makes mention of the term online business, remember that the principles of maintaining a business apply.  It takes consistent effort and dedication in order to have a chance for success.

We are all given the same amount of time in a day.  What we do with the time is up to us.  By placing  better focus on the methods we use for managing our activities, we can be confident that we will have a better chance for greater results.


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You gotta stay focused!

With all the information available about the many aspects involved with online businesses, it is essential that you map a plan for yourself and follow it.  It is so easy to get off course due to the many things that can distract you from learning what you need to do in order to get your business started.   Face it, you have websites, email, blogs, seminars, needing to learn about things such as SEO and marketing and so much more!  Where does one start and how does one keep priorities straight?

When starting out, one usually begins working with someone who will mentor them and show the ropes as far as teaching what needs to be done.  There may come a point where the mentoring drops off and you may find yourself on your own as far as deciding what the next course of action is.  Speaking from experience, I find that what works for me is to write a “to-do” list of what I need to get done and give it my best effort to stick to it.  Also, if a subject area comes up that needs attention and study (i.e. marketing), strive to make use of all available resources be it personnel, written, online, whatever and take note of what you need to do to overcome any knowledge shortcomings.   One scenario would be to review any written or online materials that are available from the company that you are working with.  See if they have any guidance on how to solve any problems or difficulties you may be having.  I just re-reviewed some manuals that were provided to me by the company that I am involved with and finally the light bulb came on with regard to additional steps I can take to expand my marketing and advertising.

For some, the extra independence that comes with being an entrepeneur can be a little bit distracting.  You are totally responsible for getting things done and there is no one around to tell you what to do or when to do it.  That’s the beauty of it; you are on your own!  Having a trusted partner to work with is always good because you can share ideas and give each other support.  The person who is working to get themselves established in the world of online business needs to be willing to accept the responsibility, be accountable so that when the diligent effort is put forth, the benefits to be realized will follow.