What’s Holding You Back From Entrepreneurship?

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from achieving greater success?  Do you have thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur and wonder why you are not there yet?  I must admit, I have had these thoughts lots of times.  You have thoughts like “what if?” and “what about that?” and “well it might not work.”  Yes, your idea may not work but you never know, it just might!

Today I found myself engaged in activities that really had nothing to do with pursuing success from the entrepreneurial standpoint.  Ever since I read an article some time back that asked whether I was an entrepreneur or small business owner, I have been somewhat in limbo. So needless to say, the lack of results in anything of an entrepreneurial nature as far as today goes is solely my doing.

Earlier today, I read another article (I like to read, in case you were wondering) that focuses on rising above the level of “wantrepreneur.”  This is a term that describes those who think about entrepreneurship but have not quite made it to the next level (could this be me?).  The article lists some traits that “wantrepreneurs” display that holds them fixed to the launching pad without ever really achieving lift-off.

My take on this article (which of course I will share!) is that the common denominators holding people back are indecisiveness and lack of action.  Too much waiting and not enough doing.  Some great examples are given that deal with the persistence of some individuals who went on to achieve great success.  Please click the link below.  My thanks to the author, Rahul Varshneya and I hope you enjoy the article!

“5 Reasons Why You Will Remain A Wantrepreneur”


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Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner?

Recently I read an article that pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks.  The content of the article gave me an expanded version of my interpretation of the term “entrepreneur” and gave me cause for some additional self-examination.

One definition of the term “entrepreneur” I studied basically alluded to a person who began an undertaking related to business and accepts responsibility for its outcome.  A new perspective was presented dealing with entrepreneurship by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter.  Schumpeter in his definition focuses on innovation; dealing with new products, manufacturing procedures, markets and methods of organization.

Author Bill Crosby in his article “A Basic Understanding of Entrepreneurship” states that a difference exists in entrepreneurial ventures and small business  with regard to the amount of wealth that is created, the speed at which the wealth is created, amount of risk involved as well as the magnitude of innovation.

Seeing this new (at least new for me) take on the concept of being an entrepreneur made me take a stronger look at what I was doing.  It was somewhat disturbing to say the least to think that my view of being an entrepreneur could be inaccurate.  If I compared myself to Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffett, I would rank as a proverbial nobody.

But one thing cannot be denied and that is the internal presence of a spirit the drives me to do new and great things.  Yes, money is a factor but I also look to the good that can come about as a result of the money.  In addition, the sense of pride in accomplishment that results from doing new and great things is something that cannot have a price-tag placed upon it.  My thanks to Bill Crosby for sharing this article (see link below) that gives new meaning to the term “entrepreneur.”





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The Importance of Focus in Business

In order to achieve the business results you desire, it is essential that you possess a strong sense of focus.  By this I mean that in order to stay on track towards the accomplishment of business goals, consistent and dedicated effort must be carried out towards them.

Keeping this in mind, one must also organize their time management skills so that efforts are not carried out in an inefficient manner.  You don’t want to start your day with no sense of direction with regard to what you wish to get accomplished.  In today’s fast paced environment, it is far too easy to get distracted with a myriad of things that can pop up.  If you already have a regular day job and are investing time in your business during your off hours, focus is all the more important.  I admit, at the end of a long day, I like to relax and play video games.  On many occasions I have found that before I knew it, the evening has been gobbled up without having achieved anything useful and it’s time for bed.

What really made me aware of the need for focus was a book co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump called “The Midas Touch” which discusses the elements needed for success as an entrepreneur.  In this book, Kiyosaki details his time spent while training to be a Marine Corps combat helicopter pilot.  In effect, Mr. Kiyosaki stressed the paramount needs for prioritizing, staying on task and not becoming distracted as skills essential for increasing the odds for surviving in a hostile environment (referring to the war in Vietnam).

The business environment can also be a hostile one.  Granted no one is aiming a weapon at you on a daily basis (hopefully) but if you pursue business without focus, you will effectively be “killed” by your competitors in addition to your own inefficiency.   Your time will be ineffectively spent, results will be minimal at best and you won’t be staying abreast of what is needed to survive in the current business climate.

So how does one go about attaining or increasing their focus?  A very good question.  For the individual who is accustomed to a regimented routine and holds themselves accountable, this can be an easily attainable task.  For those who are vulnerable to becoming easily distracted and have no one to hold them accountable, this can pose quite a challenge.  Also, for those who have limited time to devote to business for whatever reasons such as family obligations or due to employment, keeping oneself on track to the accomplishment of business related tasks can be a significant mental hurdle.  Here are some things one can consider that may help:

– Draft a mission statement of what your business goals are.  You may also include things or beliefs that you consider to be important components of your business makeup.  It is also good to list a timeline you wish to follow for the accomplishment of your goals.  Be sure to make your goals realistic but don’t be afraid to “raise the bar.”

– At  the end of each day, write down what you wish to accomplish the following day. If you don’t know what you want to get done, how can you expect to accomplish anything? That way, you already know when you get up the following morning what your tasks are and you won’t need to stop and ponder about what you want to get done.  I find it personally useful to keep a small notepad with me for ready reference.

– Find a partner!  As the saying goes; “Two heads are better than one” especially holds true.  Working with a like-minded individual can go a long way to help you achieve success.  This will allow you to exchange ideas and come up with solutions to problems more quickly.  You will also have someone to whom you can be accountable.

– “Keep your eye on the prize”  Always be aware of why you are pursuing success.  See yourself enjoying the fruits of your labors.

– Believe in yourself!  If you have achieved partial results in a certain area, don’t let anyone make you think that you can’t do better.  Think of Thomas Edison in his quest to develop the electric light bulb.  Take a look at the picture below to see how Robert Kiyosaki responded to some hecklers:

Robert Kiyosaki Flipping Off the Haters

Robert Kiyosaki Flipping Off the Haters (Photo credit: Casey Serin)

Here’s To You!

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The Importance of Activity Management

As an entrepeneur, you may find yourself thinking that there is never enough time to get necessary tasks done.  “If only I had more time!” you may say to yourself.  But the truth is, you can’t get more time!  The amount of time never changes, only the way you conduct your activities can change.

During the course of the this weekend, I spent the majority of Saturday working at my day job.  I did not have to but I felt it advantageous to do so.  By the time I got home, my mind was a bit wiped.  The rest of the day was spent with family discussing things in general and as far as my online business goes, not much was accomplished.  That’s okay, the way I spent the rest of Saturday was my choice.

Upon waking up Sunday morning, I decided that I would go to the local donut shop to spend some time with my son eating donuts and chit chatting about various topics.  Afterwards, I went to get the Sunday paper and some breakfast burritos which has turned out to be my wife’s and my Sunday morning weekly ritual.  I then took a nap and upon waking up I decided at that point I would post some new content on one of my other blogs.

After that I spent the next hour and a half I was out in the pool with my other half; again just visiting and chatting some more.  By then it was time to start preparing for dinner and again more time was spent with the family.  This time we were asking our son how his trip to the river went earlier this afternoon.

After making a quick trip to the local pharmacy to get some allergy medication, I finally sat down to review my list of things that I wanted to do regarding my online business; one of them consisting of writing this post.  Now that it is almost 9 p.m., I must admit that I did not get much done business wise.

Now granted, there were several additional items that I could have gotten crossed off of my list concerning my business but I elected to postpone doing them until another time.  It was my decision to do the things that I did today and I am willing to accept the business ramifications of that.  This is a huge benefit of being an entrepeneur.  You get to enjoy the opportunity to make decisions on your own.  There is no one else besides yourself to hold accountable for how things turn out.

So whenever there are items concerning your business that you wish to get accomplished, take the following into account:

  • How important is it?
  • When does it need to be accomplished?
  • Are you assessing the priorities for the order in which things need to be accomplished?
  • Will it be alright to postpone completion of the item in order to accomplish something else that you would rather do at that time?
The final outcome as far as the results you obtain or when you get things accomplished in your business is up to you.  There are some things I could accomplish tonight, but I also want to get a decent night’s sleep so I am willing to wait on these items.   Again, there will still be 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.  But how I choose to manage my activities during the day will be up to me.  As far as those things that interfere with what I accomplish, I either have control over them or I don’t. For those over which I have no control, I find myself better off if I am able to accept that I am not able to change the onset of those events.  You may find yourself better off as well.

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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The Benefits of Personal Development Conferences

A major benefit of attending a personal development conference or seminar is that you get the chance to meet and associate with others who share common interests with you.

Conferences and seminars can be structured to provide information on a variety of related topics or on one specific topic in general.  Besides learning from the material that is presented; you also get the chance to meet new people and do some networking.  New opportunities will most likely arise as a result of meeting with those having things in common.

Another intangible but very real benefit that can be gained from such meetings is experiencing the energy that arises when you are in a group of like minded individuals.  You definitely pick up on a “vibe” that is present when you are in the presence of numerous individuals who share the same interests as you.  Lets say you are attending a conference whose purpose is to address various methods of internet marketing.  Well, it’s probably safe to say that all the participants share interests that are similar if not identical to yours.  So, when you meet people at the event, you could very well end up talking about marketing related subjects.  Not only are you sharing what you have to offer but you stand to learn a great deal from hearing about what others are doing as well.  The term “masterminding” is used when people are sharing information that is focusing on the attainment of a common goal.

Now keep in mind that when you attend such a conference, the mere listening and absorbing of the presented information is not going to produce the results you desire.  It’s what you do with the information that matters.  It is the implementation of proper action that is required to achieve the desired results.

Last year I attended a presentation of Marshall Sylver’s “Turning Point” seminar in Las Vegas and was very impressed.  The seminar event focused on how to put yourself in the proper mindset when it comes to the attainment of goals.  I very much enjoyed getting to meet people who flew in from all over the country and listening to their experiences.  Upon my return home I was very much “pumped up” and ready to go!  If you have not yet attended a “Turning Point” seminar, you should by all means consider it.  Being in a large group of people who shared a common purpose was very revitalizing.  Now if you are a sports fan sitting in the bleachers with hundreds if not thousands of fans who are all cheering your team on, you know what I mean!

Next month, I will be attending another one of Marshall Sylver’s seminars called “First Million.”  This seminar is designed to teach strategies that focus on success in small business and entrepeneurial endeavors.  While the conference is in progress, I intend to take numerous notes and analyze the information as a whole.  From this I intend to extract pieces of information that I feel will provide the most benefit to me as I progress I my business.  I also plan on meeting with other people and analyze the pieces of information that they share as to how they are able to accomplish what I am interested in.   As they saying goes, “Hang out with those who you wish to become.” If the opportunity presents itself, I will also take down names and numbers of those who I meet if it is decided that we would like to stay in touch once we return home.

So if you ever find yourself at a point where it is hard to focus your efforts on your goals as an entrepeneur, place yourself amongst those who think like yourself.  Attending a conference that deals with success for entrepeneurs is a great way to accomplish this!

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”


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Keep Your Other Half In The Loop

For those of you who are pursuing success in online business, it is essential that you keep your significant other informed about what you are doing.

The necessity for this came to light recently when my wife made it plainly obvious that she had no clue or idea about what I was up to when it came to my Internet ventures.  When she also made similar mention about knowing what my previous two business experiences consisted of, I decided to lay everything out for her so that she could see what it was I was up to.  Now up until this point, I was of the mindset that anything that did not fall into the realm of a regular, secure, day in and day out job was too risky and frivolous to get involved with.

So during our lengthy conversation that day, I made it known as to what my hopes and aspirations are as an entrepeneur.  I explained the various methods for achieving the desired results and at the end I sensed she appreciated me taking the time to share this information with her.  When everything was all said and done, I felt that she still was not at the same understanding that I consider myself to be but she was respecting my wishes to try out something new and out of the ordinary.

This left me feeling more at ease with myself and relieved that I was able to get all of this out in the open.  I felt a bit silly for not having done this sooner and realized that my anxiety over the whole matter was really unnecessary.   It went along with the adage that fear stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. So as you progress in your quest for online success, don’t be afraid of what gets in your way but rather find away how to overcome the obstacles that present themselves.

Finally, if you are blessed enough to have someone special to share your life with, make sure that you are including what it is that you do as an entrepeneur as well.  This person may very well end up being your best business partner!

Make It Happen!

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Would "You" Buy Something From Yourself?

In order to get people to buy what it is that you are offering, you need to be someone they are comfortable with and can relate to.

If you were walking along and your identical twin came up to you offering a product or service, would you buy it?  As an online marketer, if you have yet to make that first sale after spending much effort putting your site together and promoting affiliate products; you may start to have doubts about yourself and your abilities.  You may think “other people are doing it so why can’t I?”

With so many people involved in online marketing these days, it is important that you find away to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.   In other words, find away that makes you unique and not like “just another online marketer.”  The term branding is used to describes what sets you apart and individualizes you in the online world.  People such as John Chow, Trey Smith and Jonathan Budd have done an excellent job at branding themselves in the blogging and home business industries.  Their ability to persuade individuals to come and see what it is they have to offer is extraordinary.  Those individuals who excel at branding have made a name for themselves.

A major approach to be used in order to get people to come see what you have is to offer something that provides value to your potential customers.  Do something that will offer a benefit to them as a result of their taking the time to come visit your site.  Also, it is of paramount importance that you present yourself in a way that makes yourself approachable.  People like to do business with people they like and if you come across as pushy, negative or hard to deal with, chances are they will not be coming back in the future.

I recently purchased an online training course from someone and after reviewing it and deciding that the material was not up to date, I asked for a refund.   Prior to making this purchase, I had already viewed several of this person’s videos and I liked how he presented and carried himself.  In the text of the email that I sent outlining my refund request; I mentioned that I wished to remain on his mailing list and that I would be receptive to reviewing any future offers that were presented to me.

Taking the time to let your customers know that you are available to address any concerns they have will help instill a more personable element for those who deal with you online.  You won’t be viewed as another phantom individual who is seen as trying to peddle their wares.

I hope this article is of benefit and as always I wish you the best!

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Take ownership for what you offer!

After having some experiences with a one certain affiliate product that no one seemed to really know anything about as well as reading an excerpt from a post in a network that I belong to, I felt it necessary to generate the following content for this post.
The affiliate product that I downloaded following purchase is a WordPress plugin that for the longest time I have not been able to get to work.  I sent numerous emails to those who promoted the product concerning my questions and the only honest answer that I received was “I’m clueless about its features.”  At least I did get a response back and the person who provided me said response was an individual who promptly gave me a refund following a non related issue.

This leads me on to my main point.  Earlier this month I decided to promote some eBooks that I obtained with PLR resell rights.  Now granted it is not an affiliate product but the following information still applies.  I decided to review each book for content and to see what I could do to add to the quality of the material.  After finding numerous punctuation and grammatical errors on the first book, I decided to review and edit the other eBooks as well.  After about 3 weeks of effort, I ended up editing all four of the eBooks that were provided and I reformatted them to included page numbers as well.  In addition, I page checked the table of contents to ensure that the page numbers listed did in fact match up to the appropriate topics.  I also ended up including links to various relevant websites that dealt with the content and made some material additions myself.

Upon completion of this work, I listed my name as author of the revised edition and out of respect for the original author, I included his name in acknowledgement of supplying the initial content.  My main point is that if you decide to market something to the public, do become familiar with the product features  instead of just putting it up on your sales page in the hopes that someone will just go ahead and purchase it.  That way, if a customer does have a concern about one of your affiliate product items, you can at least provide some measure of support to get their problems addressed.  If for some reason you are not able to become thoroughly familiar with an affiliate product that you are offering, make sure your customers know that you are standing behind your offers with a money back guarantee.  This will potentially pave the way to future sales in addition to establishing a good reputation for you as an affiliate marketer.

So whatever affiliate product or products you choose to promote, make an effort to become familiar with it and give your customers a feeling of receiving value after having bought from you.

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