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In order to have a decent chance for your blog posts to pick up a decent search engine ranking, it is paramount that you learn how to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

One technique or tip you will likely come across is that you need to incorporate keywords in your blog post title so that it give the search engine “spiders” some extra to pick up and use when they are incorporating the algorithms involved in order to index your site.

A potential downfall of this is that when you are blogging, you are appealing to a group of live, targeted individuals, not just a computerized machine.  Herein lies the potential dilemma; You don’t want your blog post titles to appear all “techie” in format because it may turn off some of your potential readers.  You as the author want to be able to write in a style that will be captivating to your readers and increase your chances of drawing more traffic to your site.

Earlier today, I was reading a post from one of my favorite blogs ( and came across a post titled “How To SEO Your Blog Post.”  In this written masterpiece, he describes how you can configure your blog settings so that not only will you help optimize your blog for SEO purposes, you will be able to present content in a way that won’t appear all “techie” and incorporate more of a human element to your readers.

In the video that is referenced in his post, John Chow describes how you can select one blog post title for the search engine spiders and setup another title for the same blog post that will be more appealing to your readers.  The use of the “Thesis” theme is mentioned (go to to learn more) but also mentions how you can do this will the All in One SEO WordPress plugin.  I have included some extra links at the end of this post to provide information on how to get this WordPress plugin configured should you decide not to invest in the Thesis theme.

As soon as I got finished reading John’s post (believe me, I will continue to read more!), I went back through my blogs and made any necessary configurations to the All in One SEO plugin so that I could be more confident of having enhanced SEO incorporated into my posts.

If SEO is one of those things right now that seems like “Greek” to you, by all means take some time to learn more about it.  As with most things, that get easier with practice and learning how to enhance SEO in your blog posts is on of those things that will pay off in big dividends for you the blogger.

Best Wishes and Here’s to You “Making It Happen!”

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