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One of the top concerns for all aspects of computer usage involving the Internet is that of security.  It seems that new threats pop up quicker than the stuff that grows in a petri dish.  In addition to having adequate firewall protection installed on your computer, you should also consider installing it on your blog as well.

An easy way for you to do this if you have not done so already is to install the WordPress Firewall 2 plugin that is available free of charge.  Just go to the plugins page on your blog and select the “add new” option.  From there, type in the word Firewall in the search bar and from there the plugin will appear on the next page.  Select the appropriate links for plugin installation and activation.

Last week I started getting alert messages saying that saying that WordPress had detected and blocked a potential attack.  Further review of the message showed that it may have been what is called a directory traversal attack.  To learn more about this type of attack, please refer to the below link:

Wikipedia article on directory traversal

To get more great info on how to incorporate security into your WordPress blog (it will help your business as well!), take a look at the article below written by the awesome John Chow!  Enjoy and be careful out there in the blogosphere.

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