Restore Your WordPress Blog from a Database

At some point in your career as a blogger, you may be faced with a situation where you cannot access your blog.  When these instances arise, you need to be aware of the various means available to restore your WordPress blog.

For those of us whose blog is a cornerstone of the online business, this can spell disaster!  About a week ago I was trying to access one of my blogs and for some reason all I got was a blank page showing the domain name at the top.  Now it’s one thing if you want to restore some files to the blog.  In order to do that, you need to be able to access the blog site and upload an import file.

But what are your options if you cannot access the blog whatsoever?  In the scenario that I was confronted with, I ended up having to access my database files using the phpMyAdmin feature of my webhost  Being familiar with this process is something that every blogger needs to learn how to do. Also, I can’t stress enough the importance of making a backup of both your blog database and files on a regular basis.  In addition, you need to store these backups in a location that will allow for quick and easy access.  I am going to say it again, backup your files and databases……regularly!  Make sure you keep your backups stored in an organized manner, especially if you keep several blogs.  Separate the import/export files from the databases and keep your most recent copies readily identifiable.

Once I had logged into phpMyAdmin with my username and password, I went to the dashboard where I then selected the option to import a database file.  From there, I selected the database copy I wished to use for the blog restoration.  Once the file was imported, I logged off of phpMyAdmin and returned to my WordPress blog login page.

Once you are familiar with the process involved on how to restore your WordPress blog, the more enjoyable your overall blogging experience will be.  Much of your skill may come from hard experience.  I myself had to learn the hard way the importance of backing up files regularly when one day I was not able to access a blog.  Now that I have learned my lesson (always learning new things!), my skill levels as a blogger have increased.

I hope this helps and here’s to you “Making It Happen”!

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