Removing Unwanted Text from Blog Posts

When it comes to removing unwanted text or links from your blog posts, you are usually able to accomplish this merely by going to your blog site and performing simple edits on the post.

But what happens if something unwanted text displays and you are not able to find the exact part of your blog that is causing the unwanted text or link to display? This happened to me recently and I must admit it was a bit frustrating. I would right click a page, select “view page-source” and I would see the HTML code plain as day. It was almost as if I were confronting some phantom code that was daring me to find exactly where it was hiding.

Immediately I put to use any knowledge that I possessed when it came to using HTML and PHP editors and I even started using a program that would scan search files listed in directories.  But searching through a blog is different.  A blog site is not only a folder (or directory if you prefer), it is a folder that contains many subfolders; each holding a multitude of various coded information as well as images.  This type of search for me was a new experience.

It got to the point where I even added a new plugin that I thought would help and I even started going through individual files.  Needless to say much time and effort was spent on this.  After awhile, I even contemplated just saving the blog files, deleting the blog and perform a reinstall.  Having done this before, I knew that there would be much additional work involved since I had to reinstall the plugins as well.  If you know of a way to get around this, please email me and let me know!

But lo and behold, good fortune was upon me!  After performing many searches on Google and Bing, I came across a blog post that had just the information I needed.  It involved going into DOS and typing in some commands that would find the text I was looking for in addition to naming the file containing the unwanted text.

I proceeded with the instructions listed on the blog post and things worked beautifully.  Instead of editing the file itself in order to remove the unwanted text and link, I took a more drastic measure and just deleted the plugin directory that was causing the problem.  If you happen to come across this same situation, I would recommend just inactivating the plugin itself, review your blog and see if that works.

To get more information on this unorthodox way of identifying and subsequently removing unwanted text and links from your blog posts, click on the link below.  Many thanks and much gratitude to the author (programmer grrl) for sharing this awesome information!

Find and remove phantom code from your blog posts!

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