Principles of Success Don’t Only Apply for Humans

I recently had the pleasure of getting to read “Success – One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell.  Not a large book but it comes packed with an abundant supply of useful information.  Chapters in the book deal with material ranging from the amount of work involved in the attainment of success, just what it is that constitutes success and why failures can be a good thing.

One of the more interesting passages in the book told a story of the flocks of seagulls that inhabited the section of the seaside town of Monterrey, California known as Cannery Row.  This part of the book described how during the era when the fish cannery’s were in full swing, the seagulls would feast on the abundant supply of fish scraps that were discarded in the canning process.  There was no need to keep their hunting skills fresh, all the birds had to do was show up and the meal was there for the taking.  But one day, the cannery’s closed and guess what, the bird’s meal ticket was gone!  It was soon noted that by the locals that the birds were starving; they had forgotten how to fish on their own!  Someone finally suggested that seagulls from outside the Monterrey area be imported and intermixed with the local flocks.  This way, it was hoped that the local birds would once again catch on to what was necessary so that they could once again rely on their own skills.

The idea worked!  Seagulls that were facing a pending death from hunger watched what their new neighbors were doing and soon their self-reliance was restored and the threat was averted.  How about this as an example of “Birds of a feather………(you know the rest).”   It just goes to show once again that if you wish to pursue success, do what the successful people are doing.  Also of importance is that you become clear in your mind as to what constitutes success for you; money isn’t always the answer.

In closing, I would like to list the “Seven Steps To Success” that Mr. Maxwell has listed in his book:

1. Make a commitment to grow daily.

2. Value the process more than events.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration.

4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.

5. Dream big.

6. Plan your priorities.  (This can be tough but it is oh so important!)

7. Give up to go up.

Don’t read this jewel of a book just for the seven steps listed above, there is plenty of other good chapters as well!

Now I like to consider myself one who has read a fair amount of books dealing with the subject of success.  But I can say that without a doubt, “Success – One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell definitely ranks as a favorite and of course it comes highly recommended.

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