One entrepreneurs’ story that we all need to learn about.

If you are in need of a glimpse to see what you may face in your entrepreneurial pursuits, you need to see the newly released movie “Joy.”  It’s the story of Joy Mangano, a single mother of 3 children who designed a revolutionary product known as the “Miracle Mop.”  To put it mildly, the story behind this movie blew me away. It deals with perseverance, belief in self, overcoming the numerous obstacles that can come our way and not taking no for an answer.

The movie starts off with a flashback to Joy’s childhood years in a scene that shows her with her half-sister playing with various furniture pieces made out of notebook paper while the voice of her grandmother introduces the audience to the beginnings of Joy’s story.  We are then fast forwarded to Joys’ adult years showing her working as a ticket receptionist for Eastern Airlines.

In addition to facing the daunting task of raising 3 kids, Joy also has to care for her recluse mother who refuses to leave her bedroom.  Her parents are divorced and much of Joys time is taken up by the two of them albeit in separate locations.  One day, her father Rudy announces that he has a new girlfriend and after awhile Joy and her half-sister Peggy are invited for an outing on the water as the guests of the new girlfriend.

During the outing, wine is being drank and a glass is dropped and shatters on the deck of the boat.  Joy cuts her hands on the broken glass.  After her wounds are tended to, she comes up with an idea for a mop that would eliminate the need for touching with the hands.

Now here is where the story begins to get good; a need has been identified and an idea has been conceived. From there the idea goes to the drawing board where the visualization becomes something that can be shared with others.  Joy then comes up with a way to develop an actual product and from there the obstacles of promotion and production are faced.  Along with this, the ensuing drama between Joy and family members reveal the negativity that entrepreneurs can end up having to deal with.

All the roadblocks that entrepreneurs face are displayed in this movie.  The financial, emotional and material aspects of what an up and coming business person can face all intertwine with Joys’ perseverance and determination to succeed. Even though “Joy” accounts for the tough roads that entrepreneurs can sometimes travel; it serves as an inspiration for those who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Click on the link below to find out more about Joy Mangano and her story.

Joy Mangano biography


Setting your priorities

For those who aspire to become entrepreneurs, it is essential to remain focused on the desired goals.  In addition to having self-discipline, one must also have set priorities that dictate where personal effort is to be directed .  Along with clear set priorities, one must also ensure that proper action is being taken with the intent of desired goal achievement.  It is also of paramount importance that one learns to manage his or her activities during their hours awake so that they are effective in attaining desired results.

Being as how the amount of time in a day is fixed, how we manage our activities has a profound effect on the rate at which our goals are achieved.  Each of us has different goals and desires. In order to engage in their pursuit; we must ask ourselves how committed we are to achieving them.  Also in need of consideration are the actions we need to take to bring about the change we seek.  In other words, what are we willing to do and how long are we willing to invest in order to ensure that we achieve that which we desire?

An obstacle that faces each one of us is the myriad of daily tasks we deem necessary for accomplishment on a daily basis.  Of course their are the daily necessities such as meals, sleep, bathing, work, attending to financial matters, etc. Another obstacle that one may have to deal with is the tendency to get distracted.  I myself have had to work on this (still do!) because over the course of time, this can result in many hours lost.  Just now, while writing this post, I found myself getting sidetracked with trying to find out about how to program a certain WordPress plugin dealing with footnotes.  I immediately had to get myself back “on task” with the writing of this post.

When deciding what to do during the course of any given day, you should ask yourself if the items you plan on accomplishing will help you to achieve your goals?  If so, great! If not, maybe it would be a good idea to reevaluate whether or not spending time on them would be a good idea.  Simplification in your overall schedule in order to separate the important things from the not so important things may be what’s needed to provide an extra measure of assurance in accomplishing what you truly wish to.

For those of you who find yourself seemingly overwhelmed with things to get done; give some thought to what is mentioned in this post.  You may find yourself with extra time you did not know you had as a result.



Add some miracle to your morning

Earlier this year I read a wonderful book titled “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)” by Hal Elrod.  The author was involved in a near-fatal car accident that left him with severe brain injuries and his self-mobility was greatly reduced.  He underwent a lengthy and painful recovery process while not knowing what life had in store for him in the years to come.

While progressing through his recovery, Elrod learned of the power of affirmations and made a decision to use them to change his life.  His first priority was to restore the belief in himself that he was in possession of a good memory.  He then went on to develop a self-help model that was designed to help anyone using this model/method to allow people to achieve their goals and dreams in life. The acronym name for this model is “Savers” which stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, readings and scribing (which is intended to mean writing).

The primary concept of this model centers on devoting time to each of the areas outlined in the Savers model at the beginning of the day (an early start such as 6 a.m. is encouraged) so that your mind and body become conditioned to perform at optimum levels in each of these areas so that your personal potential along with chances for the realization of goals and dreams are increased.  The author also gives added attention to the need for devoting focus on a daily basis to the areas to the point where the practice becomes habitual in nature and is no longer viewed as a task or drudgery. In addition, specific and detailed examples are provided to help solidify one’s techniques for visualization, creation of affirmations and periods of silence.  This helps provide the reader with confidence in knowing that his/her personal actions are not misguided.

So how can a “Miracle Morning” help you as an aspiring entrepreneur?  By showing the importance of commitment, consistency and focus; this book can show you how to hone your skills in these vital areas so that increased attention is placed on your “target goals.”

In my opinion, “Miracle Morning” definitely rates as a book that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to add to their must-read list.  Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad-Poor Dad) definitely gives this book a five-star endorsement!!

Many thanks to Hal Elrod for this gem of a publication.

All the best!




Does the start of your morning determine the success of your day?

I recently read a book that gave me a whole new perspective on how I should be starting out my daily routine.  It seemed that I had found myself in a cycle of getting up, going to work, coming home, letting the evening slide by, going to bed and repeating the cycle the next day. Talk about a real life version of the movie “Groundhog Day”!

Author Hal Elrod ( has composed a masterpiece of a solution to this dilemma in his book entitled “The Miracle Morning”.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “early to bed early to rise” etc. etc. but the book points out that there is some truth to this adage. It says that if you get yourself into a disciplined routine of doing tasks that known successful people do, you stand a good chance of becoming successful yourself.  A purpose of the Miracle Morning is to devote the beginning portion of your day towards personal growth and development which as a result could have your enjoying a more fulfilling and rewarding life.  Throughout the book the reader is reminded that we all deserve a fabulous life but that proper actions are needed in order to achieve the desired results.

A key nugget (and a gold nugget at that!) of information that the author provides are activities which he describes as the “SAVERS.”  Each of the letters stands for an activity that will help you get into a proper success-oriented mindset.

– “S” is for silence.  Suggested techniques for engaging in silence and meditation are provided. This is for the purpose of being able to attain clarity and from there a sense of purpose is realized.

– “A” is for affirmations.  Remember boxer Muhammad Ali saying over and over “I’m the greatest!”?  These were affirmations at work and guess what, his record stands for itself. You will be shown how to develop affirmations that will tune your mind into achieving desired goals.

– “V” is for visualization.  Learning how to imagine desired outcomes in your mind and feeling as though you are actually experiencing what it is that you want is key!

– “E” is for exercise.  Part of the Miracle Morning routine involves a regular routine of exercise.  This contributes to not only your physical health, but your mental alertness as well.  A simple walk around the block, ride on the bicycle or a good run can work wonders on revving your energy levels and readiness to fully engage in the activities of the new day.

– “R” is for reading.  In order to develop personally, one needs to be learning new things on a regular basis.  Read books on topics that not only interest you but will also help you on your quest to pursue greatness.   Learning is a lifelong experience that should never stop.

– “S” is for scripting.  The intent of this is to convey the importance of writing (which you can also call scripting).  Recent studies have shown that the physical act of writing something down as opposed to texting something into a digital device such as an iPhone is more effective in enforcing thoughts into the brain. I have my notepad at the ready!

As an aspiring entrepreneur, the information presented in Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning” is something that you cannot afford to pass up.  If you are struggling to find purpose as well as learning what it takes to get the jump start to propel you forward, this book may be just the key you need to get you on the right path!

Here’s to you “Making It Happen”!

Oh yes…………Thanks Hal!!


Are there demons within you?

At various times in my life I can recall feelings within me that basically gave me the impression that for one thing or another, I simply was not deserving of it or was not good enough to pursue it. Or even if I did pursue something, sometimes a nagging thought lingered within me saying that I would not get good at it. These negative feelings that I allowed to hold me back at different phases of my life I coined as my “inner demons”.

What causes these feelings of self-doubt to generate?  My feeling is that it has to do a lot with upbringing as well as various social taboos that get imposed upon us. People who in their minds are wishing us good by not having harm fall upon us can actually be a source of harm themselves.  How about you, have you ever experienced what it was like dealing with such demons within you?  If not, consider yourself fortunate and chances are that you know someone who does deal with feelings that generate from an overall lack of self-confidence.

How can such a situation apply to the aspiring online entrepreneur?  Well, chances are that if deep inside you don’t think you will be able to get something done; those feelings of self-doubt have a strong probability of seeing that you won’t get that particular something accomplished.  Now every once in awhile there is the occasion where someone has an unexpected positive outcome and experiences success but in general the end result won’t be the desired one.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across a simple method of how to deal with what could be described as a somewhat crippling lack of self-confidence. In his book “ The Motivation Manifesto,” author Brendan Burchard gives reference to an enemy that stands in the way of us achieving our personal potential.  He names it “Defiance” and describes it as a 3-headed monster that comes to life whenever one wishes to take a risk.  “Defiance” is what causes us to experience the feelings of anxiety, trepidation and self-doubt.  The three heads of this monster also have names; they are Doubt, Delay and Division.  To combat each of these three entities, the author offers a remedy for each.  To combat Doubt, the author tells us to and gives suggestions to develop ourselves so that we can replace it with faith. To counter Delay, Mr. Burchard tells us to take action. Of course this does not mean that one should take action haphazardly, but know when the moment is right and act upon it.

Now I found the description of Division most interesting; an “eyeless, jet-black serpent head” whose “goal is to shred our humanity by making us go blind to the good in others”. It is what prevents us from coming into contact and interacting with others. Burchard teaches us to make the transition from Division through the use of love. Not love in the romantic sense, but from a sense of being able to see and accept the good that is within those around us.

It is my opinion that the implementation of the wonderful information that Mr. Burchard shares with the readers of his book, The Motivation Manifesto, will prove themselves to be tools that are nothing short of invaluable to those wishing to be entrepreneurs.  They will serve to remove obstacles, accelerate people towards there goes and enjoy the interaction that comes from dealing with like-minded individuals.  But don’t sell yourself short by confining your readings to this post; that would not do you the reader justice.  Allow yourself the opportunity to fully experience what this treasure of a book has to offer and get a copy of The Motivation Manifesto for yourself!

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Brendan Burchard for this wonderful contribution to the good of us all.


Not feeling motivated? Take action!

This is the first post that I have written this year.  Up until this point I had found myself at a loss for what to write about.  Was this a case of “writer’s block” or was it just a lack of motivation?  I was finding it difficult to motivate myself to write.

Earlier this month I read “Six Figures in Six Months” by Peter Voogd.  Thank goodness that I did!  In his book the author mentions that it is action that results in motivation being generated.  It’s not just a moment of action but action that takes place on a frequency to where it becomes habitual.  How many of us feel that we must first feel motivated in order to act? Now in the case of a situation involving imminent danger motivation (or paralyzing fear) could come into play.  But the author brings up the point that in order for a person to continuously feel motivated about doing something, the person must push themselves to the point of taking applicable action on a regular basis for the feelings of motivation to come about.

The topic of establishing rituals for the purpose of facilitating that process of goal accomplishment is discussed.  This involves embarking on a course of regular actions that apply to the goal in question.  The purpose of the regular actions are to make the tasks shift from being perceived as a chore to where they become habits.

An example of this which I am currently experiencing is my taking the time to ride a bicycle on a regular basis. After taking the first ride one day, I decided to make a commitment to setting a new time for when I would take the next ride.  Oh sure, I was experiencing mental hurdles that came about from the feeling that both my legs would give out on me but I pushed on. I was very surprised at the realization that if I did not go for a ride as soon as I got home; I would succumb to the temptation of sitting down either in front of the TV or the computer and basically get no exercise for the rest of the day.

At first, there were several occasions where I would not go through with taking the bike ride but I noticed that once I was in a rhythm of taking rides on a regular basis, it became much easier.  I was also more inclined to get on the bike and go and not experience the mental hangups that I was dealing with previously.  Over the course of time, the bike rides have been getting easier physically and I am taking rides over longer distances.

Now you might ask yourself how this information would apply to the aspiring entrepreneur? Well if one decides to “wait for the perfect moment” of inspiration to come, it may never happen.  Voogt states to the effect that one must become clear on what it is that they want to accomplish. Not only does the need to be clear apply to any given day; it also applies to what one wishes to achieve in the upcoming weeks as well as months.

In addition, he recommends that at the beginning of each and every day, a decision (in writing) is made as to what is going to be accomplished.  From there, the individual needs to hold themselves accountable to ensuring that the task for that day ends up being accomplished. The necessity for staying on task and resisting any distractions is emphasized.

So with this in mind, performing things on a regular basis to the point where they become habitual (some studies say 21 days?) will help do away with the perceived drudgery that could ensue.  As a result, the journey taken towards goal accomplishment stands a much greater chance of being a relatively easier one.

My thanks to the author for sharing this concept which has make a positive impression upon me.



Keep it Even between Work and Family

If you are an up and coming entrepreneur with family members, it is important to maintain balance between work and family.  Focusing too much on work can lead to feelings of resentment from your family members from a lack of attention.  Of course you can tell them that your efforts are with their best interest in mind but statements such as these are not always readily accepted internally.

Such feelings of discourse can result in an amplified state of tension on the family scene and spill over to what you are trying to get done with your entrepreneurial pursuits.  They can become cobwebs that get in the way of your concentration and go towards increasing stress levels.  I’m sure you will agree that this is not a good thing.

Earlier today I was fortunate to come across and article in that gives 8 tips on how to achieve a state of balance between work and family.  If you are currently faced with such a dilemma or know of someone who is; this article will provide you with some good reading.  My thanks to the author, Stan Popovich.

8 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Balancing Work and Family




Examine all possibilities – Even if they appear unlikely

While looking through my wallet, I became aware that one of my credit cards was missing. My first thought was to call the bank and have the credit card cancelled in order to avoid the possibility of any fraudulent charges accumulating.  I was persuaded by my wife to sit down and think things out before proceeding further.

The last time that I recalled using the card was earlier in the week at a local bicycle shop where I purchased a helmet.  What really surprised me was realizing how much time had elapsed before I realized that I did not have the card in my possession!  Bank records showed that there were no unauthorized charges shown as having been made so I was relieved about that.

I spent the next several hours looking for the card.  I searched the car, clothes pockets, places where I was known to have left stuff in addition to going to my place of work to see if by chance I had left it there. Maybe I put it in a plastic bag that subsequently went out in the trash.  I was even informed by the manager of the bicycle shop that they did not have my card.  Needless to say I was mystified over this.  My wife suggested that since there was no evidence of the card being in bad hands, I wait a few days prior to calling the bank and cancelling my account.  This would involve having to update numerous other accounts that needed my card number for the purposes of automatic bill payments.  During the time that this was going on, I was surprised at how well I seemed to be internalizing this.

After arriving at the present day still without possession of the card, I came up with a strange idea.  Granted, the manager at the store said my card was not there but what if I asked the person who waited on me?  At this point I was thinking that I should leave “no stone unturned” while my search was in progress.  I must admit I was a bit concerned at the chance of offending someone at the store since I had already been informed that my card was not there.

I decided to move forward and place a call to the store.  I asked to speak with the person who waited on me when I made my purchase and she immediately informed me that they had the card!  Of course I was elated at the news and after having stopped at a Panera Bakery en route (I got the person a gift card as a thank you gestured), I got my card back.  This was after having been informed earlier that they did not have it.

So if you are ever faced with a situation where it seems like you have exercised all of your options, take some time to stop, think and see if there is anything else you can do; even if the chances appear unlikely.  You may be surprised at the result!

All the best!




Let a Former President Show You How To Be More Productive

In the last couple of years I have become increasingly more interested in finding ways to become more efficient and productive in my daily activities.  It did not matter whether these activities were work related or personal.

Utilizing time in a more efficient manner gained greater importance when word came down from senior workplace management to learn how to “do more with less.”  This caused the need for a reevaluation of existing processes and procedures.  In order to take on this challenge, it was necessary to consult peers and supervisors (a.k.a. “mastermind”) in order to develop new ways of doing things.

Not only did the need present itself for how to carry out the workplace routine, it also became apparent that the methods employed for getting things taken care of at home would also need to be scrutinized.  It became too easy to succumb to the temptation of becoming a couch-potato once at home and to basically waste away the remaining hours of the evening basically doing nothing.  Before long, it was time to go to bed, wake up and repeat the same non-productive cycle all over again.  It’s Groundhog Day!”

Recently I stumbled across an article dealing with personal productivity that referred something known as the “Eisenhower Box.”  It consists of a basic means of establishing goals with the highest priority and getting them done first.  What was the reference point to use for establishing these priorities?  It’s simple!  One has to be acutely aware of what it is that they wish to get accomplished.  So let me ask you, where do you want to be going?  In which direction do you wish to be headed?

The first level of the Eisenhower Box are those tasks that are categorized as “urgent and important.”  This particular category consists of those tasks that need to be accomplished right away. The next level of tasks is labeled as “important but not urgent,” these tasks are the ones that you will complete later. The tasks that you consider “urgent but not important” are those tasks that you will assign someone else to perform.  Finally, if the decision is made that a task is neither important or urgent, why bother doing it?

Now in the case of where you are saddled with the responsibility of getting a large amount of tasks completed in a relatively limited amount of time; it may be necessary to delegate those tasks classified as urgent and important to individuals who work for you.  Nothing wrong with this modified use of the Eisenhower Box; think of it as leverage.  It also demonstrates an enhanced managerial skill in being able to use available resources to increased capacity.

So once you have decided what it is that you really wish to accomplish, use of the guidelines in the Eisenhower Box can prove invaluable in managing your time in helping achieve your goals.  My thanks to information provided in and for the inspiration provided in writing this post!


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What’s Holding You Back From Entrepreneurship?

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from achieving greater success?  Do you have thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur and wonder why you are not there yet?  I must admit, I have had these thoughts lots of times.  You have thoughts like “what if?” and “what about that?” and “well it might not work.”  Yes, your idea may not work but you never know, it just might!

Today I found myself engaged in activities that really had nothing to do with pursuing success from the entrepreneurial standpoint.  Ever since I read an article some time back that asked whether I was an entrepreneur or small business owner, I have been somewhat in limbo. So needless to say, the lack of results in anything of an entrepreneurial nature as far as today goes is solely my doing.

Earlier today, I read another article (I like to read, in case you were wondering) that focuses on rising above the level of “wantrepreneur.”  This is a term that describes those who think about entrepreneurship but have not quite made it to the next level (could this be me?).  The article lists some traits that “wantrepreneurs” display that holds them fixed to the launching pad without ever really achieving lift-off.

My take on this article (which of course I will share!) is that the common denominators holding people back are indecisiveness and lack of action.  Too much waiting and not enough doing.  Some great examples are given that deal with the persistence of some individuals who went on to achieve great success.  Please click the link below.  My thanks to the author, Rahul Varshneya and I hope you enjoy the article!

“5 Reasons Why You Will Remain A Wantrepreneur”


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