Not Sure How Often You Should Blog?

In order for your blog to build “momentum”, you as a blogger need to strive to be able to update it on a regular basis by adding new and relevant content.

This in itself can be a trying task because you may end up running out of things to blog about that are still pertinent to the purpose of the blog.  This obstacle can be overcome by being on the lookout for new ideas and there is a whole slew of information available on the Internet that can give you tips and pointers on how to generate new content.

It’s not sufficient to blog a little bit here and a little bit there.  Once you have readers who are interested in hearing what you have to say, if they visit your blog a couple of times and find that “the cupboard is bare,” chances are they won’t come back.

I came across an article that describes the need to incorporate a sense of routine into your blogging activities.  Mentioned is the fact that once a task becomes routine (or habitual), you no longer see it as a chore but as something that you do as a matter of course such as getting ready for a meal, going to work or settling down for an evening.  Take a look at the blog post that can be accessed with the below link, study its contents and see if what it says proves useful to you as a blogger.  My thanks to Joel Williams for a great blog post.  Enjoy!

The Importance of Routine in Blogging

Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”



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