Keep Your Other Half In The Loop

For those of you who are pursuing success in online business, it is essential that you keep your significant other informed about what you are doing.

The necessity for this came to light recently when my wife made it plainly obvious that she had no clue or idea about what I was up to when it came to my Internet ventures.  When she also made similar mention about knowing what my previous two business experiences consisted of, I decided to lay everything out for her so that she could see what it was I was up to.  Now up until this point, I was of the mindset that anything that did not fall into the realm of a regular, secure, day in and day out job was too risky and frivolous to get involved with.

So during our lengthy conversation that day, I made it known as to what my hopes and aspirations are as an entrepeneur.  I explained the various methods for achieving the desired results and at the end I sensed she appreciated me taking the time to share this information with her.  When everything was all said and done, I felt that she still was not at the same understanding that I consider myself to be but she was respecting my wishes to try out something new and out of the ordinary.

This left me feeling more at ease with myself and relieved that I was able to get all of this out in the open.  I felt a bit silly for not having done this sooner and realized that my anxiety over the whole matter was really unnecessary.   It went along with the adage that fear stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. So as you progress in your quest for online success, don’t be afraid of what gets in your way but rather find away how to overcome the obstacles that present themselves.

Finally, if you are blessed enough to have someone special to share your life with, make sure that you are including what it is that you do as an entrepeneur as well.  This person may very well end up being your best business partner!

Make It Happen!

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