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I have just spent the last two hours working on getting various edits done on my website  This mainly consisted of getting some links and keywords installed, as well as fixing various spelling and grammar errors that came with the page template.  Outside of the obvious necessities, I wanted to change some content so as to reflect the true intent of what I wanted to convey with my business.  It is my intention to come across as unique as well as to present integrity in the business place.   Now I see why they call it “building” a website!  Thank goodness for my prior experience in editing HTML.  I was even able to install some heading tags!

So as with everything you do, never hesitate to be on the lookout for improvement both in the process as well as final result.  Also, the satisfaction of doing something yourself can be pretty rewarding.  Except in my case when it comes to cutting grass and taking care of the pool.

The main plan in this endeavor of reviewing, editing and revising the website is to increase my skills in the area of Search Engine Optimization ( a.k.a. “SEO”).   Once I beef up my knowledge in this area, I will plan on drawing more traffic to my site.

Well I think I will call it quits for now.  But hey!, I will keep on the lookout for like minded individuals who are pursuing a new path as entrepeneurs and ultimately form an awesome network so that we may all benefits from each other’s knowledge.

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