This Blog is Getting uh Makeover!

After watching a video clip recently in the series “Driving With John Chow,”  I decided that I need to take a new approach.  To start off, I decided that I was going to “demonetize” my blog!

Why you ask?  In his video segment, John Chow states to the effect that bloggers need to focus on building up their readership prior to inserting links, banners etc. into the blog.  Chances are, if you are lucky enough to have someone who really does not know you click on an affiliate link, odds are likely that you will not get a repeat visit from them again (and they probably did not buy anything!).

On the other hand, the blogger who builds a respectable size following and establishes online rapport with them has better chances for success when it comes time to incorporate monetization into the blog.

So in addition to this first step, I am going to be focusing on what else I can discuss besides topics that hopefully appeal to those pursuing online entrepreneurialism.  I want to reach out to those who feel that they could use some extra brainpower to help them obtain solutions or solve problems to any obstacles that come in their way.

So for now I am going to say that this blog is going to start the process of “morphing” into something bigger and better.

In the meantime, take a look at the icon below to find out more about what John Chow has to say concerning when is the right time to monetize your blog.


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