Is passion a vital element in your endeavors?

Last week I was involved in providing coaching and mentoring to a person who was in the process of preparing for a job interview. As the coaching session progressed, I realized once again how much I was enjoying the process and began to wonder to what degree passion was involved.

Being the overly analytical person that I can tend to be, I thought about the word passion and my definition of it.  To some, the word passion can imply a strong feeling in the sexual context.  In other circumstances, it can describe an intense focus that one has while devoting attention to the task at hand.  For myself in this situation, it involved the enjoyment that I was experiencing in seeing that another individual was overcoming some self-confidence issues as well as thinking that a high degree of potential success was looming for this individual.

So why my level of involvement in helping this person?  As a teenager and young adult, I frequently experienced a lack of confidence and self-worth in a variety of situations.  I tended to not give myself credit for the potential that lie within me.  After my separation from a 20 year stint in the military, I was faced with the daunting task of finding a new job.  Was it a struggle?  Of course!  But the vital lesson that I gained from this was that it was not an impossible struggle.  With the right frame of mind, I knew that anyone could overcome the obstacles that I faced.

During the last couple of years I have had the privilege of working with individuals who were in the process of pursuing additional goals in their professional careers.  For me there were two factors that consistently came into play;  the first being the enjoyment I received from helping people while they better prepare for the job interview and the second being the satisfaction I gained from seeing people become more confident in the type of employees that they are.  Looking back, my overall track record has not been bad.

Now take the time to think about anything that you do where the element of passion is lacking.  It makes no difference whether the task is performed poorly or well just as long as it is done.  Would an element of passion make a difference in the final outcome?  I will not hesitate to respond with a resounding “yes!”   The extra amount of focus and attention that goes into whatever it is that you are doing definitely impacts the final result.  I could just water my orange tree on a regular basis and be accepting of however the fruit turns out when the season arrives.  Or, in addition to watering; fertilizer could be applied at regular intervals and the necessary pruning could be done so that the fruit has more room in which to grow.  A higher likelihood exists that if I add the extra measures of attention and focus when it comes to caring for the tree, the oranges will turn out larger and sweeter.  Call it the “fruits of labor” if you will!

So whatever the task that you are involved with, if it is something that is important to you and you want to see that it gets done well, add a little passion to the equation.  Think of it as an extra ingredient to make the recipe come out even better!





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