Is it Okay to stop Achieving?

Wanting to achieve more out of life can either be a positive or negative experience.  One can experience the joy out of accomplishment or the want can be derived from a negative environment that provides the motivation to pursue growth and change. But if continuous growth is pursued, does one deprive themselves of the chance to stop and enjoy what they have accomplished?  Would the fruits of one’s labor never be enjoyed?

When I was a kid, a friend described me as a “Renaissance Man” (I was 9 at the time!). I was always checking out new areas of interest (that was put on hold during my Jr. High and High School years ——>>> Girls!) and I found that once I had experienced something I would move onto something else. I had decided that I would rather have the knowledge of tried something at least once instead of pursuing mastery thereby gobbling up my free time and missing out on something else.  An example of this being when I recently got to take the controls of an airplane and actually take off.  Once I had returned safely to land (the flight instructor took over on that one!), I felt content and happy that I did that once and was ready for something else.

As I approach the end of my “fifties,”  I look back at what I have accomplished and think about what I still wish to accomplish.  It could either be something consisting of learning something new, going to a new destination or something that would illustrate what the power of belief and motivation can achieve.  I determined that I don’t want to be one of those individuals in their twilight years and has the pain of regret of not having done anything meaningful or exciting. I don’t want to find myself saying “I thought there would be another day but that was the only day.”

So here is my take on the question posed in the title of this post; if someone makes the decision to call it quits, that is his or her choice.  But as a result, a certain form of stagnation may set in.  Existing but not doing, is that living?  My answer is no.  In order to keep growing, one must continue to pursue new avenues of self expansion. Otherwise, we would die like a piece of fruit that never gets picked off of the tree.

So as you progress through the stages of the journey we call life, never stop learning new things and experiencing the joy that new knowledge and achievement may bring you.

All the best!






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