What is self improvement??

One term that is mentioned frequently nowadays is “self improvement.”

It is a broad term almost in the same sense as when one mentions that they are an Engineer.  The term itself can cover quite a few things ranging from how to obtain self improvement as well as describing just what self improvement really is.  It can be applied to a specific area in one’s life such as the physical, mental, spiritual or financial aspects or self improvement can be thought of when it comes to achieving an overall encompassing result that is experienced by the person who wishes to attain self improvement.  In the book “Harmonic Wealth” by James Arthur Ray, an idea is presented concerning self improvement in the overall sense.  The book talks about achieving a balance in several areas that affect ones life.

What is it that causes the desire to obtain self improvement?  Well the desire stems from a state of dissatisfaction with an aspect or factor that is having an affect on their lives and focusing on a desired end point to attain as a result of their self improvement efforts.  The end point is a state of satisfaction with having achieved a certain state of “being” in comparison to something that is pleasing to the individual.  It is basically being at a point where one wants to be.

How does one go about deciding on how to pursue self improvement?  There are a variety of ways this can be done.  One method is to consult a written source that is authored by someone whose opinion you respect or admire and embarking on a course of study.  Another method would be to consult directly with someone you know who has already attained a state of “being” that you desire.  Direct observation that takes place after mentally visualizing the result one desires can be used to track the progress that goes along with the efforts that are being put forth to attain the self improvement.

What sets the standard that determines when a measure of self improvement is attained?  When it comes to the individual affected, that person is the one who decides when the result is achieved.  In a relationship involving a student and teacher, it is the teacher who advises the student when the self improvement has been reached.

In closing, when the desired factor of self improvement has been attained, do not deny yourself the joy that you deserve following the satisfactory outcome of your efforts!

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