If You Use Google Adsense, You Need An Online Privacy Policy!

One of the hottest topics today we face as bloggers and internet marketers is the safeguarding of personal privacy and personally identifiable information.

For those who fail to do this for our customers, the potential penalties can be substantial and severe.  Not exercising due diligence and caution when dealing with anyones’ personally identifiable information can subject you to potential legal action.

If you happen to use Google Adsense in your blog(s), Google requires that you have a privacy policy in place on your website.  This privacy policy needs to explain the various ways that a persons’ information may or may not be used when your website is accessed by them.  With all the “legalese” that goes into writing such a document, acquiring a privacy policy that meets the necessary requirements may seem like a daunting task.

But there is a solution!  The Google Privacy Policy plugin for WordPress is designed to help you easily install a privacy policy that is Adsense compliant.  All you need to do is go to the plugins page on your WordPress blog and press the “add new” pushbutton.  You will be then to the Install Plugins page where you would then press the search link.  Type in “google privacy policy” in the search bar and press search plugins.

Once there, install and activate the plugin and go to the options settings page and follow the instructions listed to get your Privacy Policy page populated with the new text of your privacy policy.  Prior to doing this, you will need to have a Privacy Policy page setup on your blog.  Inserting the snippet into the HTML portion of your post will cause the post to populate with the required text. Ensure you enter the snippet code in its entirety.  The snippet on the settings page for the plugin will be found in the portion that has the words “Google Privacy Policy Text” in bold text.  It looks like this (code portion omitted): googleprivacypolicy.

In addition to meeting Googles’ requirements for websites that have Adsense ads, having a privacy policy available for your readers will make your WordPress site look more professional and give you increased credibility.

So with the ease of installation that the Google Privacy Policy plugin affords you, its’ ludicrous to not make the effort to have a privacy policy installed on your blog.  You are also setting yourself up for some potential trouble if you don’t.

Be safe, continue blogging and here’s to you  “Making It Happen”!


NOTE: The information in this post is not intended to be interpreted as or to take the place of professional legal advice.  If you have any questions concerning the legal aspects of the need for privacy policies, consult proper legal counsel.

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