If you are considering getting a Master's Degree in teaching……………..

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Why not become a graduate of USC (University of Southern California) as well?  Better yet, you won’t even have to visit the campus!  The USC Rossier School of Education is providing educators and those considering a career in teaching the opportunity of earning a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from a leading university.  This program allows you to incorporate the use of modern information technology so you can enjoy the ability to pursue your degree online.  Face it, this is a huge benefit!  For the modern professional who also has personal commitments,  career advancement can pose a formidable challenge.
This groundbreaking online learning program allows you to enjoy an interactive online learning environment and also offers tuition reimbursement and scholarships.  In addition, you will get to interact with USC faculty that have established themselves as leaders in modern education.  Not only that, you will have access to all the privileges and entitlements that students who are attending campus full time enjoy.  Think about it, who would not want to have a diploma from a leading university like USC hanging on their wall?
So in addition to being in a career field vital to our nation’s future as well as putting online technology to your advantage, you get to top it off with a dash of prestige as well!  Go to the link below to learn more about this leading edge study program for the educators of today and tomorrow.

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