How to Simplify Navigation in Your Blog

As your blog continues to grown over the course of time, it may become more difficult for your readers to find blog posts that contain information that is of interest to them.  That’s why it is necessary to help your readers get the information they seek in the easiest manner possible.   At some point you can think of your blog as an “info-city” that has places your readers will want to find.

In order to make getting around your “info-city” more reader friendly, you want to provide them with a sitemap that will list the places that are available for them to go to.  By this,  I mean that if you provide them with a sitemap on one of your blog pages, they will have a well organized and easy to understand list of all the blog posts that are listed in each of the subcategories in your blog.  The sitemap that I am referring to is not to be confused with a Google XML sitemap.   Adding a sitemap page also gives your blog a more professional look and feel that will certainly be appreciated by your visitors.

The method that I have been using to install a sitemap is by installing the Sitemap Generator Wordpress Plugin from DagonDesign.   To learn more about how to access and install this plugin, go to for instructions.   Once the plugin is installed and you have placed the necessary code on your sitemap page, you will have a well organized list of your blog posts that are divided by the categories you have developed for your blog.  If you feel that having this plugin is useful, by all means please consider a donation to the developers of this plugin as a sign of appreciation for their hard work.

I certainly have been pleased with the extra functionality that this plugin has added to my blogs and I am certain that you will be too!

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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