How to Know if an Online Opportunity is Right for You

The business world is full of individuals touting their opportunities as “sure-fire” ways of making it big.  For the unwary, such a “sure-fire” way of making big poses a great chance of causing a multitude of problems.  That’s why it is so important to take the time to evaluate such opportunities prior to committing to them with full effort.

Now as form myself, I have had my fair share of experiences with such opportunities and yes, I will say that they did not yield the results that I was hoping for.  But rather than look upon these experiences as failures, I choose to view them as lessons on how not to do things in the future.  With the lessons that are learned and the knowledge gained over the course of time (from talking to lots of people and reading lots of books), I have gained more confidence in how I approach such opportunities and am willing to take full responsibility for my actions.

So what are my recommendations for the path one should follow when pursuing such a venture?  There are several:

a) Does the opportunity involve something that you believe in?  Can you be sincerely passionate about it?  People can sense when you are being fake or not on the level!  Take the time to research (is there a niche?) to see if a demand for your potential service/product exists.

b) Are you willing to take the time to do what it takes and commit to making it work?  Are you able to accept that results probably will not come overnight?

c) Will you let a “failure” stop you dead in your tracks or will you bounce back and keep on swinging?

d) Is the product you are promoting something that you would be willing to talk to a prospective customer about face to face?

e) Is your knowledge level on the product such that you would be able to offer assistance and support to any customer who is having a problem with it?  Are you the type of person who would buy something from yourself? ( I know that sounds strange)  Will you give your customers a feeling that you will be there for them if needed or will you drop off the face of the earth after the sale?

Something else to consider is the relationship that you are experiencing with the company as you are contemplating the establishment of a venture with them.  Do the people you talk to seem genuine or are they coming across like snake-oil salesmen?  Are they giving you honest or canned responses to any questions you have?  Also take a look at the tech-support that is offered.  You don’t want to be in a situation where one of your clients has an issue you can’t solve and no resources are available for you.

Don’t let fears or apprehensions get in the way of making an educated decision.  Be willing to get your feet wet to some extent but also pay attention to your inner feelings (“Use the Force!”).  In my next post, I will start to share my experiences with a company that I am currently evaluating.  I would welcome any comments you would be willing to share on the topic of evaluating online business opportunities.


Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”


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