How Hesitation Can Result in Missed Opportunities

When it comes to those situations where you find yourself at a loss for what action to take, it may end up that when you decide what it is you want to do, the opportunity will have slipped away.  Also, if you know what it is that you want to do but procrastinate in taking the action, it may also move beyond your reach.

Now granted there are those situations that come up where if one acts hastily, a less than desirable outcome may ensue.  I think it is safe to say that when Trump Tower was built, it was not the result of marking the spot with a piece of chalk and beginning construction the next day. But sometimes we just need to go with our inner feelings and trust that they will give us the guidance that we need for taking the right actions.  So the next time something presents itself to you, you may be left with nothing else than trusting your intuition and using that to make a choice.  If it turns out to be the incorrect choice, see what you can learn from the experience and take it from there.  Make an effort to see the good in whatever you are faced with.

A recent experience of mine dealt with having to write content for when I received an offer for a sponsored review on a product that I liked using.  I was given a three-day deadline for submitting the content but kept on putting it off and putting it off.  By the third day at the time when I decided to start writing, I saw that the offer was withdrawn and no longer available.  So as a consequence, I was out some good money.  But the lesson learned was a good one hence the reason I wanted to share this with you.  One might think that they can do something another time, but it may turn out that this was the only time.

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Thinking Outside The Box!”



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