What to do when you "hit" a brick wall….

Every now and then, an obstacle will come along that will get in the way of our wanting to achieve something that we have been planning.  Now the obstacle does not have to be physical, it can be circumstantial as well.

After having spent my first week back at work following a 3 week vacation, I found that my mind was pretty well “toast” and I was not able to effectively do anything business related when I was home from work.  Everything that I had spent time focusing on during a time when work was not getting in the way now seemed to combine together to form a big giant obstacle.  In order to pursue some of my goals and aspirations, this is an obstacle that would have to be overcome.

Trying to figure out what to do with all this material I had been reviewing and researching and deciding how to prioritize it all right at times seemed next to impossible.  I was not sure whether to post more ads, watch more training videos, check out some more affiliate sites or review some more of the many tutorials I had been downloading off of the Internet.

What’s different now that I am back at work is that having less time for business matters during my free time makes it all the more of a necessity to spend my time effectively since there is less of it.  Also, I don’t want to get to the point where I am tired all the time as a result of having slept less.

So one thing that can be looked at with regard to how to manage one’s activities more effectively is making use of things that can help yield greater results for the amount of time that is spent for the purpose of achieving them.  I intend to check out a program called “Power Submitter” which multiplies the amount of sites that you can post an advertisement to with just a single mailing!  Instead of logging onto multiple sites to place your ad, one ad posting will do it for you!  Now this seems like something definitely worth checking out!

Cutting back or simplifying the activities that you are involved with is something else that can be looked at.  Right now I am effectively involved as an affiliate for 4 different companies so my efforts aren’t truly concentrated on any single of them.  It always seems to have been a habit of mine over the years to take on more than I can handle at times.  Toning things down a bit does not seem like a bad idea.  That way, progress would still be made and things could be accomplished one step at a time.

This leads me to another subject that I have discussed before and that concerns planning.  As I learned from Bob Proctor,  you can’t manage time but you can manage your activities.  So at the end of the day, one can sit down with pen and paper, write out a list of what he or she would like to accomplish and use that as a means of moving forward the next day.

When an obstacle presents itself, stop and take the time to think about how the obstacle can be overcome.  Because if you take the approach of saying to yourself  ” I can’t do that,” your attitude in itself will be an obstacle!

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