Here is something that will make you gasp and say “What’s going on!?”

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Everyone once in awhile a TV series comes along that tugs at you hard, makes you gasp and asking your friends what just happened and what does it all mean?

Well with the series “Untitled Jersey City Project,” that time is here.  The plot is centered around an urban renovation project taking place on the waterfront in Jersey City across from Manhattan.  A casual passer by may think that this modernization project is for the benefit of the city residents but  deep down there is intrigue, sinister agendas and lots at stake – including lives.

The eight short episodes of Untitled Jersey City Project are pieces of a puzzle that make up a larger story.  Although you make think you have a handle on what’s going on, you still won’t have access to the bigger picture.  But from what is presented to you the viewer, it will be obvious that even in modern times, the old ways of getting things done can still be very much in effect.  Cloaked in the cold, overcast setting of the Jersey waterfront, all is not what it appears to be.  Behind every face you meet, in every building you enter, in every car that pulls up alongside,  danger may be waiting when you least suspect.

The characters in the series include an architect schooled at Columbia, his morally fragile partner, an unscrupulous real-estate tycoon who is at risk for losing his shirt, an investigative reporter and some shady investors from Asia.  This is a well selected cast who portray their roles forcefully and make you believe you are right there in the middle of it all.  This experimental approach to television drama combines intrigue, deception, murder, intimidation and betrayal.  Watching Untitled Jersey City Project will leave you sitting at the edge of your seats, hold you captive and not being able to wait to find out what happens next.

To get a feel for what lies in store for you with Untitled Jersey City Project, watch the video below

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Untitled Jersey City Project

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