From the ashes, a new blog arises!

Hello and welcome!  This is my second WordPress blog.  The first one that I authored ( Mein Blog ) somehow got some sort of strange database error message.  One thing led to another and I was then at the point of no return with that blog so hello blog #2!  But that’s okay; the whole episode was definitely a learning experience and I feel that I am a better blogger as a result.

The topic of my original blog concerned my views on how to deal with everyday life related issues that present themselves.  But now that the original blog is lost to the cyber galaxies, I realized that perhaps it was a topic that would not really click with humanity in general.  Thus, I searched for what I feel will be a more germane topic.  I currently plan on dealing with the subject of how to make a professional transition from being an employee to being an entrepeneurial business owner.  Face it, it’s a whole new ball game than it was back in the day when I was younger.  Things are different now.  If one wants to earn the income that they truly desire, chances are it won’t happen by working for someone else.   This journey that I am currently on has been in progress for about 8 years now.  The learning is coming slowly but I am confident that it is oh so surely!

So I extend to you an invitation to join me as well as to mastermind with me as a continue on this journey of personal and professional transformation. Oh yes, there will be more to follow!

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