Having Difficulty Finding New Blog Ideas?

In order to keep on adding fresh content to our blogs, we are tasked with finding new blog ideas.  The challenge that comes along with this is to be able to provide fresh new content on a fairly regular basis and keep the blog content relevant.

But after an extended period of time where subjecting ourselves to a daily routine becomes the norm, we may find ourselves in a situation where just the task of engaging in basic thought can be difficult.  Take the case of an individual who has a job at any given set time of the day and combine that with any personal obligations that must be attended to afterwards.  By the time the workday is completed and the other details are taken care of, chances are that there is not much time left for working on updating the blog or looking after online marketing concerns.  After all, we do need to allow time for sleep or else our body will go on strike and make the time if we don’t get enough!

After a couple months of going through what some people call the “daily grind,” having a few days off to take for yourself may not be enough.  I remember many a weekend where I spent all day recuperating from a busy week and went full guns and ammo on Sunday trying to catch up on blogging and marketing matters.

Now there are a couple of things you can consider to help make the task of finding new blog ideas an easier one.  One of the things I like to do is carry a pad of paper with me so when an idea comes to mind, I write it down!  Whenever I get the chance, I like to review articles that deal with how to find new sources of relevant content.

A couple of pointers that were passed along to me via a membership site that I subscribe to is to think of things in terms of mindset, giving tips on how to do something, relevant refresher material and if you get in a bind, insert a video into your blog.

Another approach you can take (I am taking this approach now) is to pack up your bags and get out of town!  Take a trip! Getting out of your everyday surroundings and the constraints that can go along with them can be a great way to clear the mind.  In turn, this can facilitate the process of generating new blog ideas.  This will also help you as far as being able to pause and assess your marketing efforts as well!   During the short time that my current trip has been in progress, three new ideas came to mind for my blogs and I look forward to getting them all incorporated.

I mentioned earlier that I like reviewing articles that talk about finding new things to blog about.  A great way to find new information is to do enter a search on one of the search engines and see what other people have already written.  I entered the phrase “generating new blog content” on Bing.com and it returned close to 8 million results.  Put the efforts of others to work for you.

The importance of finding new blog ideas so that we can provide fresh content cannot be overstated.

Think of your blog as a produce stand.  If the available produce is fresh and appealing, customers will more than likely return.  Should the produce be allowed to become stale and wilt, the customers will likely head elsewhere.  The same goes for a blog. Keep your content fresh and appealing and more than likely your readers will return for more!

Here’s to you “Making It Happen!”

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