You gotta stay focused!

With all the information available about the many aspects involved with online businesses, it is essential that you map a plan for yourself and follow it.  It is so easy to get off course due to the many things that can distract you from learning what you need to do in order to get your business started.   Face it, you have websites, email, blogs, seminars, needing to learn about things such as SEO and marketing and so much more!  Where does one start and how does one keep priorities straight?

When starting out, one usually begins working with someone who will mentor them and show the ropes as far as teaching what needs to be done.  There may come a point where the mentoring drops off and you may find yourself on your own as far as deciding what the next course of action is.  Speaking from experience, I find that what works for me is to write a “to-do” list of what I need to get done and give it my best effort to stick to it.  Also, if a subject area comes up that needs attention and study (i.e. marketing), strive to make use of all available resources be it personnel, written, online, whatever and take note of what you need to do to overcome any knowledge shortcomings.   One scenario would be to review any written or online materials that are available from the company that you are working with.  See if they have any guidance on how to solve any problems or difficulties you may be having.  I just re-reviewed some manuals that were provided to me by the company that I am involved with and finally the light bulb came on with regard to additional steps I can take to expand my marketing and advertising.

For some, the extra independence that comes with being an entrepeneur can be a little bit distracting.  You are totally responsible for getting things done and there is no one around to tell you what to do or when to do it.  That’s the beauty of it; you are on your own!  Having a trusted partner to work with is always good because you can share ideas and give each other support.  The person who is working to get themselves established in the world of online business needs to be willing to accept the responsibility, be accountable so that when the diligent effort is put forth, the benefits to be realized will follow.

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