Why you need a Camcorder for Blogging

The use of video is a major feature that is incorporated into blog posts.  With video, you can incorporate an additional element into your blogs that goes above and beyond the mere insertion of written text.

When you have the capability to produce your own videos, you are able to expose your reader to an extra dimension that not only allows your readers to get to know you, but you can increase the feel of what you are trying to get your blog posts to say.  With the added element of video, I am able to talk “directly” with the reader and convey a stronger message than I would have been had I only had the writing of text as a sole option.  Once you have your videos uploaded to a video sharing site (I use YouTube), you can quickly insert them into your posts for your readers to see and enjoy.

Take travel for example.  Let’s say you like to blog about travelling and you have a video of a trip you took recently.  You can insert a video that deals with your trip and can give your readers more of a feeling of what it is like to be at the place that you visited.  When it comes to internet marketing, you can use video to convey a much stronger message or concept on any of the topics that you wish to pass along to your audience.   You can develop videos to show your readers how to use a product that you are promoting, how to do different things when it comes to configuring your blog or even give them an inspiring message.  With the advanced technology that is available today, you can easily fit a high quality camcorder into your pocket and be ready for “lights, camera, action!” on a moments notice.

So if you have not added the element of video to your blogging, by all means take the time to check the latest line of digital camcorders that are available.  The one pictured above is the type that I use and is made by Ativa.  Since acquiring this camcorder I have been very happy with it and have produced numerous videos.  It can be set up for high definition video quality so that you convey a first class impression to your readers.  This camcorder makes a great investment and is available through this link here:

Ativa Mini HD Digital Video Camera

So if you are blogging without video, you are behind the power-curve.  Take the time needed to raise your blogging to the next level and get that camcorder today!

Best Wishes and here’s to you “Making It Happen!”

Me holding my HD digital camcorder.  You are under surveillance!

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