Gents & Ladies….There be a posse formin'!

During any of your travels out in the Wild West of the affiliate marketing frontier, have you ever come across any varmints who seemed like some real shady bandidos?  Have you ever been presented with anything that was promised to be a pot of gold but just turned out to be snake oil?  Podner, don’t you feel bad at all!  It’s happened to all of us I’m sure.  Many an honest person has stumbled upon the type of online bushwhacker who makes you feel that you would have rather tried your luck walkin’ though a den of rattlesnakes!

Recently, I came across one dude’s blog page that spreads the word to be on the lookout for bandits that will snatch your hard earned buffalo nickels if yer not careful!  The blog page is .  It gives a lot of good advice so that the unwary internet marketing wanderer can become alot more savvy!  It’s good to see people speaking out against that unsavory element that gives marketers a bad name!

But another part I especially liked about this page was that people with opposing points of view were able to post their comments saying so and not get beat up for it!  To me it means a lot when someone is willing to show both sides of the story.

Now all kidding (as well as slang) put aside, do be careful out there but don’t let your doubts and fears deny you any potential opportunities!

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