First Million Seminar by Marshall Sylver

On Friday, July 8th I will be leaving for Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the “First Million” seminar hosted by renowned speaker Marshall Sylver.

This is a two day conference that focuses on skills and mindsets that are used by millionaires.  Some of the topics discussed are setting priorities, presentation skills, developing personal charisma and internet marketing techniques.  This is all done with the intent of helping you carry out actions more efficiently in order to achieve business success.  First Million is a follow up to the Turning Point seminar which help people overcome life fears and obstacles and establish a mindset that gives confidence in pursuing goals and dreams.  Now who at some point has not been in a position where they felt they could use more help in that area?

When I get back, I will give a report summarizing my experiences at “First Million” so that you can determine whether or not this would be something for you to experience as well.

Here’s to You “Making It Happen!”

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